[Guide] Get your own YouTube Artist Checkmark! + Spotify Checkmark

Sep 15, 2022
Just saw some people here who were selling the same service for more than $1000 so I decided to fuck it and show the method here.

1- A YouTube Channel (Obviously)
2- A smartphone
3- A PC with an Image Editing Software of your choice.
3- Like $20-30 (If you live on just crypto, a paywithmoon.com card works)

1- Download Bandlabs app on your phone, and use the Looper Function to make some beats and record it. (Spend like 10 minutes, it's easy to learn!)
2- After getting your beats ready, go to an image editor and make an album cover (use some AI image generator and add a black overlay that's semi transparent and put some Text on it so the distributer's Algorithm doesn't think cover is LQ.
3- Go to https://distrokid.com/ and register an account. It will ask $40 to get a subscription but if you just sign up and wait 3-4 days, it gives like 30-40% discount.
4- Now that you've got your distrokid account, upload the music track with the album cover, and choose Spotify and YouTube Music as the platform. Now upload the songs and wait until it gets distributed (usually 1-3 days). If your music is really shit like AI based, it WILL get REJECTED and it's a waste of your time.
5- Once your music has been successfully distributed (you can track the status of your music in the dashboard), and you have verified your track is available on YT Music and Spotify, we move to the final step.
6- For Getting Your Spotify Verified:
Go to https://support.distrokid.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013535514-How-Can-I-Get-a-Verified-Spotify-Artist-Profile- and follow the steps.
For Getting your YouTube Channel Verified:
Go to https://support.distrokid.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036924633-How-Do-I-Get-an-Official-Artist-Channel-on-YouTube- and follow the steps.

and voila! You've now got your own Verified YouTube Artist Channel and Verified Spotify Artist Page! and fuck the people who are actually selling this. This shits already leaked everywhere and whoever in their right mind pays $1000 for this is an idiot. :):):)
You can find many videos on YT showing how to get artist badge using this method so there nothing new you discovered.
Also, this is artist badge as you mentioned not "check mark" icon that people are selling services here.
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