1. D

    Need IG verification!

    I represent a music band and I want to verify their IG account. Budget is not too big since it's an independent band. We have gathered tons and tons of press over the years, we have a wiki page as well as verified FB. This should be easy for anyone with access to Media Portal.
  2. J

    [Guide] Get your own YouTube Artist Checkmark! + Spotify Checkmark

    Just saw some people here who were selling the same service for more than $1000 so I decided to fuck it and show the method here. Requirements: 1- A YouTube Channel (Obviously) 2- A smartphone 3- A PC with an Image Editing Software of your choice. 3- Like $20-30 (If you live on just crypto, a...
  3. N

    Looking for Instagram/IG Verification -- Blue Check/Blue Tick

    Hi! I'm looking for Instagram Verification! Please pm me details, as well as costs, previous reviews, and requirements. If there is an option for a PR campaign please include that too. Thank you!
  4. tylerk

    WTB Instagram verification service

    Hi looking to buy instagram verification service Tired of getting rejected by the app and need for business purposes to scale-up a project. Got already national press and a full featured business insider article + 1 mention on another business insider article. Looking to pay a few thousands at...
  5. R

    Instagram verified badge

    I need someone who can get me a verified badge on instagram for my personal account.
  6. B

    Instagram Verification Badge

    I am looking for someone to help me verify an Instagram account. It represents a small but popular clothing brand that I've built on the platform since 2014. There are a ton of monthly sales but I have not reached out for the required press articles. There are now other accounts that’ve popped...
  7. B

    Instagram Verification Blue Badge 2018

    Hello i know i see this thread a lot but i really need someone serious please i have account wiht 500K followers is was with badge few hours ago then now they removed without any reason please guys no scam no anything if you are serious and wanna make it back for me i can pay urgently please...
  8. C

    Instagram Verification- Blue Tick Bagde

    I am interested in assistance in obtaining an Instagram verification badge, either of my own account or purchasing an already-verified account. Please PM me. I have a budget to work with.
  9. imaginaryforces

    Twitter Verified Blue Badge Tick/Check Mark Needed

    Is there anyone with connections who can help me verify my personal twitter account? I'm in the entertainment industry and I know there are accounts with 150 followers that get verified. I've heard that you pretty much just need to know someone at a PR firm or record label/etc. Please let me...
  10. viewsOmatic

    Official Twitter "Verified" Badge - Possible

    Hey, After doing much research on the forums and google, i still have yet to find anyone who knows or can get the verified twitter badge for the twitter account, i have a friend who claims he can do it for $1500 USD and its done in a week, i have seen his work and it works. But i wanted to know...
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