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Grow Account slowly but safe?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by erasmus, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. erasmus

    erasmus Newbie

    Jul 2, 2017
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    Hey, I am new here and a first time poster. Haven't found any current tips on this besides common sense.
    I want to grow 1–2 Accounts as safe as possible with high engagement, no flaggings, no shadowbans etc.

    I currently have one account that is around 9k flw and gets around 5% engagement (400–900 likes per picture, depending on content). The niche is design/art. I mostly want to grow the brand created with this account and make it as reputable and trustworthy as possible because it will be connected to my real name and real work.

    I have used instagress before it got shutdown and got around 4k followers from it, the rest of them are organic/reached through manually finding relevant accounts and liking their pictures.

    Now, here are my questions:
    – Would followliker be a safe investement? I've grown this account with a lot of effort (all content is created by me) and really don't want to lose it, especially as it is connected to my real life
    – How many pictures can I like daily(manually)? The account is around three years old.

    I also thought about posting about featuring people of the same niche (all other designers that want to showcase their work) in my story if they feature me first. So I could post something like: «I want to help out 10 designers new to instagram. To get featured, screenshot your best work, post it in your story and tag me on it». That would bring me potentional new followers + more engagement of my current followers. What do you think'