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Feb 9, 2012
Hello Ladies and Gents o/

I'am total newbie when it comes to making money online stuff, i have tryed once before but my impatience didnt do any good and i think my brain got too disoriented with all the new things i did read and actually didn't learn much. But i'd like to give it second chance with more patience and set some realistic goals for myself and my site(s)

So my goals would be getting steady income, lets say i'd start with 1-5$/day so i know it works and learn the basics before getting into bigger things. Im also planning to write case study what i have done and what im going to do.
So what i've learn i will be giving those informations to other who are in need.

I'd like to ask some questions from people here:

- How would you recommend me to start things up, whats a newbie friendly way to start making money ?

- I have hostgator baby plan, with more like personal domain name and would like to know how could i use it to get started or should i get better domain for certain purposes at start ?

- If you would like to share some newbie theads which helped you to get started ?

I guess thats that for now. Please leave a comment if you feel like it ^^

and btw im from Finland
Not open for further replies.
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