1. {JoHan}

    My journey to success. 14 year old Internet Marketer. Dear diary.

    (I want to say sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes in advance, still learning English). Hello! I'm a 14-year-old internet marketer from Finland! I have been doing IM services and business for around 6 months now. I'm currently enjoying my summer vacation and going to the 8th grade. I...
  2. B

    Looking for: Finland and Sweden backlinks and content writers

    Hello people of BHW, I am looking for backlinks from websites in Finland and Sweden. Also looking for Finnish and Swedish content writers. If someone could provide me with websites in Finland and/or Sweden that would be willing to host backlinks to casino/gambling/betting sites, please...
  3. Svetlana Vorobyova

    Hey Guys! "Mobtika" is here :)

    Hi All! I represent direct mobile content advertiser "Mobtika" and I'm proud to offer you our own CPA/CPL campaigns. We are looking for both non-incentivized / incentivized traffic in CH, GR, IE, FI, ZA. Don't hesitate to push me by email ([email protected]). Let's skyrocket mobile content!
  4. Sieni

    Hey, anyone from Finland?

    Hello to everyone and anyone from Finland?
  5. J

    Greetings from Finland!

    Hello Everyone! This is my introduction to BHW! I just got my website up to sell information products but the shelves are empty. Hoping to find someone to help me to fill those shelves as soon as possible. ;) I'll see you at the forums. Have a nice day!
  6. N

    Greetings from Newbie

    Hello Ladies and Gents o/ I'am total newbie when it comes to making money online stuff, i have tryed once before but my impatience didnt do any good and i think my brain got too disoriented with all the new things i did read and actually didn't learn much. But i'd like to give it second chance...
  7. P

    Can anyone recommend a cheap Windows VPS in Finland or Denmark?

    I'm searching for cheap Windows VPS servers in Finland or Denmark. If anyone knows or can recommend please do.
  8. B

    Hello to all from Finland