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Jan 29, 2014
(Edit : To see the original interview that put me into thoughts /watch?v=uaba6sWPVPY)

A few days ago I saw a video interview with a well-known SEO (perform insider interview) and he said that he
was giving up on SEO for the reasons bellow

- Google is getting good at finding spam and makes blackhat SEO pretty tough.
- He also said that Google started counting time of visits to results on serps, meaning that if someone
stays more on one page it means that it's satisfies his needs and thus the site go up the serps...
- At the end Google always wins, we may get some small wins but after some time, we loose.
(If you play by their rules you'll keep playing the game of course but that's a fact... we play with some pretty strict rules atm)

SEO seems turn into creating value rather that link building at the end.
What do you guys think about this?

[I didn't open this thread to provoke BHW "proudness" nor to get sarcastic comments, just for adult discussion]
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Surely this is a good thing!! Rewarding those who put in the most time and effort and actually provide quality content is the way to go
Yeah I know but Blackhat SEO has turned to Whitehat, you have to have unique content, diversified anchor... It's not blackhat anymore..

how is unique content whitehat ? me and many others rank high for very competitive kws with 100% unique spun content that makes no sense at all.
google is fighting a losing a battle, unless they manually monitor every niche and every kw or fill 1st page with paid ads they can never stop blackhatters from ranking.
not everything you hear the "Guru's" say is true and not everything you read on forums is true and most important of all : Not every method is on forums and especially not on free open to public forums anyway.
What a load of BS!

Who's the top SEO wanker who said that?

1) Google isn't getting better at finding spam, google fixes bugs in the algo but by doing that it opens doors for other ones (strictly blackhat). The process of "spam"
a) blackhatters identify resource for fast ranking
b) blackhatters spam the shit out of that resource
c) google picks up this trend
d) google devalues that particular resource (sometimes with harsh negative effects)
That's it. Jesus.

2) "Google started counting time of visits to results on serps" yes, google relies on analytics metrics as ranking factors and so should them. They don't look only at the time on site, they look at the bounce rate, pageviews etc. This is the way it should be, if you have a webpage that's ranking for a term I search and I visit that page but your content is shit, how can that be helpful to me as an user?!

3) Whatever.

SEO is a marketing tool which should be intergrated in the global marketing strategy of a company (big or small doesn't matter). The more channels you target effectively via marketing, better the chances you have at a conversion + branding (which is the end game really). Yes, SEO has become a tad more expensive, it has become more time consuming to rank with safe techniques but SEO is not dead. And for the people who know their game and can adapt, SEO today has been a eye opener to other channels.

For example:
- very few SEO's pushed Social Media to their clients 3-4 years ago. Now, without Social you can't rank.
- 3-4 years ago, we didn't consider having good content on our sites or having content marketing strategies, now that's a must.
- 3-4 years ago we didn't worry about usability or user experience improvements, now it's a must as well.

All of those improvements have positive effects in the ROI of a company, in many cases better than the classic SEO and shitty sites we all did.

Step up people, keep up with the knowledge and stop believing any BS a "guru" said at some point in his shitty existence.

Top SEO, pffht....
what is the name of this zo called top seo? sounds like a top loser.

If spam blasts is the only thing you can do then yes you should stop.
It is nothing new in this info, it was like long time...
Making quality sites is must!
Bounce rate is taking very big influence in SERP, so without quality content you can forget about SEO at all.
How about this.

Tomorrow everyone turn their SEO tools on and spam with shit links and see what happens.
Let's close this forum, the marketplace, and get back to 9 - 5 jobs
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