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    Hi Guys - I got access to plusmastermind dot com and wanted to share the below article.

    VERY VERY HELPFUL to start gaining followers and understanding how GOOGLE + Works!

    I am not an affiliate or anything like that - I just copied and pasted the article!!

    ENJOY! - Hope it helps someone out there.


    Welcome to the Mastermind Action Plan (MAP) for Google Plus. This bonus report of the Google Plus Mastermind will give you all of the tips, secrets, and strategies that I (+Scott Buehler) used to help +Billy Funk that allowed him to go from 1,763 circles to 15,000 in just 75 days, a duration of just under 11 weeks. This is the date period of October 11th, 2013 through December 26th, 2013.

    The Mastermind Action Plan Table of Contents

    1. Follower history and back story.
    2. Who the heck are you?
    3. What makes you interesting?
    4. Have a website to send people to learn more.
    5. Get rid of the "ghost town" effect.
    6. Mention, mention, and mention some more.
    7. Establish your authority.
    8. Get included in circle shares.
    9. Learn CircleCount.
    10. Learn Circloscope.

    Billy's Circles History and Back Story

    Billy and I didn't actually network and get to know each other until sometime around early November. If you do some Plus searches on Google Plus with our names in quotes, you'll notice Billy was definitely trying to get my attention late October which is never a bad strategy (look what it did for him). Looking back, I apparently ignored him for a week or two before until I just couldn't ignore any longer. Who was this awesome dude and his motivational videos that's causing ripples on all my stuff?!? I had to know more! Onwards...
    Billy Funk's follower history according to CircleCount.
    Billy's circles growth during this period.
    Both charts from CircleCount are blatantly obvious when we met and started working a MAP for him to follow. There's a fairly drastic swing upwards in both Circles and Circles growth. Unfortunately, CircleCount didn't know of Billy's profile until October 11th, 2013 and I couldn't go back further.
    Just for a point of reference, let me show you mine and the period of time I was still playing around, testing things, and seeing what was working and what wasn't (something I still do to this day).
    This period is from April 8th, 2013 through June 29th, 2013. That took me 83 days to pull off what Billy did in 55 days. Granted, I'm showing you the chart at 353 circles for me (earliest they had for my profile) but if you look at my chart versus Billy's, you should notice that his major upswing happened much quicker!
    Now that the history is shown, what advice did I tell Billy? What was Billy doing to attract me to help him in the first place? The fun part - your Google Plus Mastermind Action Plan.

    Who the Heck are You?

    Once you have registered your Google Plus account and made sure to update your profile photo (don't be a bluehead!), the absolute next thing you should do is answer the headline question: Who Are You? Once you have your answer, go to the About section of your main Google Plus profile and update it fully and completely. Include links, your bio, work history, experience, skills, awards, and anything else that you feel people should know about you.
    See: Mastering Your About Page for complete details on this process.

    What Makes You Interesting?

    If you haven't already done so, your main page should have 10-20 recent posts of things that interest you, websites you run, awesome articles you've written, and some attention-getting images. You can share your favorite animals, sports teams, hobbies, quotes, animations, recipes, etc. My definition of recent is within 7 days.
    Google Plus is a photo and visual dominate social networking site. Think of it as Pinterest or Instagram, could you imagine those networks without images? That's how you should view Google Plus as well. Although images aren't required, for the most part, some sort of image is required to get engagement (plusses, comments, or shares) to your content.
    You know what isn't interesting? Almost everyone that complains that Google Plus is a ghost town and that only Google Plus employees can get engagement from posts (BTW, I am not an employee) are doing the same thing wrong. Either:

    • They do not have recent content or worse, a blank stream.
    • They use Google Plus as a link dump.
    Google Plus Link Dump - The act of logging into Google Plus, making several posts with links to a website with little to no description of the site, and leaving the network.
    My recommendation for you is to think of three core topics that interest you for your content and stick to it. This means, if your business website is your interest, you should consider posting links to your content along with summaries of the article you are sending the visitor to. The other 2 topics should be some sort of hobby or interest you have. Post lots of images within your interest to take advantage of the engagement images cause to your stream.

    Have a Website to Send People to Learn More

    If you don't have a website, you are missing out on the opportunity to confirm your authority and knowledge in your niche(s). On your website, (i.e. an "about me" website) you might consider placing a Website Badge, so that people can find you on Google Plus. This badge allows your visitors to circle you, find your Google Plus profile, and the badge is customizable to include or exclude features.
    Beyond the badge, as we all know, social media sites tend to be unorganized content. As you go about your expansion into Google Plus and posting content on your niche and hobbies, you'll quickly find the need to link people to your older posts on the network and it starts to become a huge mess.
    Having a website to send people to learn more about a topic allows you to take control of your content and organize it so that it makes more sense to your potential clients. Now that you can send people to your website you can:

    • Offer an email opt-in capture form.
    • Show them your other social media networks.
    • Show them advertising to have an additional income stream.
    • Convert them from visitors to buyers with a product or service.
    If you need help starting a website, check out my Web Hosting Training website. I hand-hold you through the entire process of setting up your first professional-looking website.

    Get Rid of the "Ghost Town" Effect

    When you go to do you instantly feel bored? Chances are, you've treated Google Plus like it is Facebook and have added all of your Facebook friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to circles. That's fine; however, you shouldn't expect your friends, family, and co-workers to use a different network than they are already used to.
    Google Plus is about meeting new people, networking with people with your same interests, and circling those people to relevant circles groups.
    Let's kick start your main stream with some active people on the network. Active people who share, comment, and plus people who are known to do circle sharing often end up in those circle shares. Head over to the CircleCount top circle shares for the past 7 days page. From there, click on "Open circle" for the top 3 circle shares and add them to your circles.

    The process followed in video:

    1. I went to the top circle shares for the past 7 days page.
    2. Clicked the "Open circle" button
    3. Scrolled down to find the blue circle share section of the post.
    4. Clicked "Add people"
    5. Named circle share "Unfiltered<date>"
    6. Clicked the blue "Create Unfiltered1206 circle"

    Google has internal limits on how many people you can circle in a day. If you see the above red warning appear that you've reached your daily limit, don't worry, just come back in 24 hours and add some more. Slowly, over time, you'll be allowed to add more people to your circles. This is done as a protection measure to guard against spammers and there's no way around it. Moving people around your circle groups also counts toward this limit.
    Additionally, Google Plus only allows you to add 5,000 people to your circles.
    Pro Tip: In my experience, somewhere around getting 5,000 people to circle you, these limits start easing up. After testing at around 20,000, I found I could add 2,000+ people to my circles if I wanted to.
    Expert Tip: My recommendation is to add circles for 6 days out of the week, and then on the 7th day, use Circloscope to clean out people that haven't followed back then merge your "Unfiltered" circle groups into a "Followed Back" group.
    Ninja Tip: When the "Followed Back" group gets too large and you start approaching your 5,000 circles limit, go to your circles page and then click the "Followed Back" circles group.
    From there, sort by "Relevance" and Google will show you the people that are most relevant to you (these people are the ones engaging you the most).
    Now, you can pick off 100 or so people that you want to keep circles with and move them to another, more relevant circle group, remove the entire circle, and start a new one. When you are first starting and hitting the red flags all the time, you shouldn't have to deal with the 5,000 limit decision for quite some time.

    Mention, Mention, and Mention Some More

    Now that you have started circling people, established the 3 core topics you will cover, and have at least 20 posts on your stream from the past 7 days, the next thing you should do is use Google Plus search and find key players in your niche. Again, circle these people into groups that make sense to you and your niche.
    Once you have these circle groups created, set up and manage your stream so that these people's posts come up more frequently. Naturally, when you see awesome content around a topic that interests you, you'll find the need to comment and share your point of view (or simply to thank them for their awesome post).

    • Always +1 their posts.
    • Always comment on their posts.
    • If the content is really good, consider sharing it publicly.
    When you comment or share, always tag/mention them in your post. This way, when that power player reviews their Google Plus mentions, they will see you and your comment. This drastically increases your chances of being replied to, plussed, and even circled if you've set up your profile's about page properly.
    Tip: How can I tell who is mentioning me? Bookmark this link. I use that tab in the notifications screen on a daily basis. When you are first getting started, the basis notifications bell list is fine and useful, but later on, it gets ridiculous to follow and you'll want to fine-tune what notifications you look for. In my case, any time I'm mentioned, I go look and likely respond.

    Establish Your Authority

    As we talked about, establish your 3 niche topics you will be sharing, posting, and commenting on; now it is time to start reaching out to the masses. One of the greatest ways to do that on Google Plus is through communities.
    With both your main profile and your niche-based pages, go to the Google Plus Communities section and start searching for large communities in your niche. Find anything with 1,000+ members and join any communities that interest you and are part of your niche. If the community appears to be one that you'll want to contribute to frequently, then adjust your notifications for that community so that you will be notified more often.
    Using communities along with commenting and sharing on regular posts you find in Google Plus search results or what's hot will help you in establishing your authority.
    Tip: The top 200 communities by members are listed on this CircleCount page for your convenience. Learn more about CircleCount here.
    Pro Tip: To further refine who you circle and who you engage with, use the CircleCountwebsite and search for tags based around your niche to find the key players. Just click a tag and see the most followed people under that tag.

    Get Included in Circle Shares

    Note: To learn how to create circle shares, see this dominating circle shares page.
    When you are first starting the building process of your page or profile, you will need to get people to circle you. Establishing your authority (above) is a great way to start the process but another way is through getting in circle shares.
    Most people that do circle shares on Google Plus have a requirement to share the circle share to your public stream to get included. I recommend going to the top circle shares for the week page on CircleCount. From there, you can find:

    • The top shared circles of the last 7 days with the most reshares.
    • The top shared circles of the last 7 days with the most +1′s.
    • The top shared circles of the last 7 days with the most comments.
    Once you open the page, you can click "Open circle" and share the circle publicly to your stream to start the process of being included. Here's the full process I recommend you follow:

    • Go to CircleCount's top circle shares page.
    • Click "Open circle" on a circle share listing.
    • +1 the circle share.
    • Share the circle publicly.
    • Return to the circle share and comment something like "Wow great share <+mention here>! I shared this publicly; please add me to your next release? I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks!"
    • Repeat this process for the other shares the CircleCount page has.
    Doing this is what I call the "perfect trifecta" because you will show up under the post's activity as a plusser, commenter, and sharer.
    Besides the top 5, you may want to consider getting into smaller niche circle shares orcreate your own circle share. One great place to look for circle shares is my own profile page on CircleCount which currently has a listing of over 1,600 circle shares I've been included in. Some other resources are available on the who to share in a shared circle section of the circle sharing page which includes several pages and communities to search through including my Hyperball Circles Page.
    This should start you on the path to getting anywhere from 250-1,000 people circling you per week.

    Learn CircleCount

    During this MAP, you may have noticed I referred to CircleCount several times. I highly recommend mastering CircleCount to increase your efficiency in engaging others, finding people in your niche, and much more.

    Learn Circloscope

    Circloscope is the ultimate tool that I use to increase my engagement. I've had weeks where I was averaging 200+ shares per week and I have this tool to thank for that. This tool currently costs $10 to purchase for your account (as of December, 2013) but I know the programmer is working on an enhanced version that will likely charge a monthly fee.
    Master Circloscope and your circles, comments, reshares, and plusses will go up. Guaranteed.
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    Nice share, but you should make the font not gray
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    Word! I made it white as F***
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    And then, when you finally reach 100,000 followers, you'll discover that its indeed a ghost town.
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    This shit still works! Try it out and let me know your thoughts!