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Giveaways & copyright/trademark

Discussion in 'Copywriting & Sales Persuasion' started by koraljko, May 24, 2016.

  1. koraljko

    koraljko Newbie

    May 16, 2016
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    Hey guys,
    So while browsing this site I found many great tricks to make money online and one is via giveaways (creating a giveaway with a link to a cpa website). So I thought of doing this but I have one question.
    Am I infringing on someone's copyright/trademark if I giveaway something with copyrighted material on it? (for example a t-shirt with a copyrighted image or a trademarked quote on it)
    I know I need a licence from the owner for commercial use but does profiting from the giveaway make it commercial use and therefore infringement?
    I just wanted to make sure, so sorry if I come off as a noob :D )
  2. Tazdingo

    Tazdingo Junior Member

    Jun 30, 2014
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