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[GET] WSO 750914 Simple Video Dash

Discussion in 'Downloads - Video production' started by popzzz, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. popzzz

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Don't touch the REP!

    How Can You Deliver a Full Video Course in Less Than 1 Minute
    And Enable Your Customers
    to Access Them Straight
    From Their Desktop?

    Using Free (or Cheap) Methods to Host and Deliver Your Videos.

    This Simple Software Lets You Do Just That!

    Simple Video Dash Walkthrough - YouTube

    From David Taylor

    Dear Warriors,

    If you've ever created a video course or bought one with PLR or resale rights, you'll be aware of the 2 main ways of delivering the video content.

    1. Upload the videos to your server (or a third party like YouTube), embed the video code in your page using a plugin or HTML embed code, depending on your platform.

    This can be fiddly as you have to set up and properly format the page, as well as providing a player to allow your customers to view the content if needed.

    2. Simply provide a download file (or Files) so your customer has to download the zip file, unpack the file and watch it on their computer's media player.

    This is certainly easier from your side but requires more time and effort from your customers. A large course seems to take hours to download and the initial enthusiasm can quickly time out!

    Also, when you use YouTube and similar sharing sites it could cause security issues. Anyone with a link can share the video, even if you select ‘Unlisted'. The link is available in at least 3 places when you embed your video!

    Unless of course you know how to remove the links (Revealed in the course)

    Why does this matter?

    Well, it could violate your PLR license for a start. If you are not allowed to give the video away free then allowing the link to be accessed is basically doing just that.

    On top of that, if you want to sell the course, it makes sense to restrict access to your videos.

    Now, if you are serious about video marketing, you will want to invest in a proper video management solution, and there are some good, reasonably priced options out there that also work with Simple Video Dash.

    But if you are on a budget and do not want a monthly outlay just yet, YouTube works nicely.

    I will show you how.

    Do any of these describe you?

    I Create Video Courses
    I have PLR Video Courses on my Hard Drive
    I Would Like to Offer Videos as Affiliate Bonuses
    I Would Like to be Able to Turn Around PLR Videos Quickly.

    I answered YES to all of these questions.

    Here's How I Solved The Problem.

    A few months ago I wanted to promote a product as an affiliate. It was being sold through JVZoo which has the facility to add bonuses to afiliate promotions.

    I wanted to add a Wordpress tutorial course I had bought with PLR rights but the maximum bonus size is 128MB. All the videos zipped up came to 418MB so obviously that was out.

    So I uploaded the videos to my Easy Video Player account, created an Easy Video Dash and packaged it up. Total file size: 7.04MB

    And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah .....

    Sales Page:


    NOTE: These multi files (4 files) are INTERCHANGEABLE, meaning you can mix and match from different/any download sites. (as are all my shares)
    Download From UploadMirrors: (BHW preferred Site)
    Download From MirrorStack: (BHW preferred Site)
    Download From SendSpace: (BHW preferred Site)
    Download From WikiUPload: (BHW preferred Site)
    uploading  (maybe)  .....  nope flaked out
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    Two things are infinite: The universe and stupidity. I'm still not convinced of the universe..

    Enjoy ....:cool2:
    ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com
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    Can you reupload these files? I'd appreciate it.Thanks
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    Hi can you re upload plz
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    reup yo come on now