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  1. jana2812

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Get traffic to your website here's a few ways to do it for free.

    1. Optimize your website to be search-engine friendly. Submit it to various search engines and directories. In addition to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and MSN, it's worth submitting to lesser known web directories. If your website is listed in as many places as possible, it can boost your rankings in major search engines as well.

    2.Spread the word about your affiliate program by submitting it to affiliate program directories and contacting the owners of related websites.

    3.Create a links page that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry. Contact the owners of other websites with your proposal to exchange links. You will add their link to your links page, and they will link to your website in return.

    4.Post in forums. Visit the online discussion forums where people in your target market like to gather. Post useful responses to people's questions, and include a link to your website at the end of your post next to your name. Although you ultimately want to get your sig file with the link to your site seen as often as possible, don't overdo it with your posts, otherwise other forumites won't respect you, and therefore won't visit your site.

    5.Comment on blogs. Visit other people's blogs on the topic related to your website. Most blogs allow you to add comments about the issues being discussed. Add insightful comments about the blog topics, and leave your website link. Your comment and your link will permanently remain on the blog website.

    6.Create an e-mail "signature" - your name, your website address and a short tag-line describing the main benefit of your site. Set your e-mail program to automatically add your signature to every e-mail that you send.

    7.Look into traffic exchanges. There are many types of traffic exchanges but the idea is the same - you team up with other webmasters, and they send you traffic in exchange for you sending them traffic. Search the web for "traffic exchange" to find those services.

    8.Create something of value that people will pass around. It can be a report with useful information that you allow people to give away. It can also be some kind of cool and unusual web-page that people will want to e-mail to all their friends. Of course, the pass-around item will include your advertisement and your link, spreading the word about your website. This is a "viral" strategy.

    9.Write articles on the topic related to your website, and include a link to your site in your author bio. Submit your articles to article directories, and allow people to publish your article in their newsletters and websites. Your articles will spread around the web like wildfire. People will read them and visit your website. The best part is that people who read your articles will regard you as an expert, and they will be much more likely to buy from you when they go to your website. How's that for a free publicity?

    10.Start an e-zine for your web site. When people read each issue they'll be reminded to revisit your web site. Submit it to all the free e-zine directories on the internet.A news letter!

    11.Start your own online discussion community. It could be an online message board, e-mail discussion list or chat room. When people get involved in your community, they will regularly return to communicate with others.

    12.Advertise your site at free classified ad sites. There are many of these on the net. Some of the more popular ones are craigslist, inetgiant,freeadvertisingforum, and gumtree.

    13.Join free safe-lists. These are lists of subscribers who have opted-in to send and receive emails to each other. You can instantly reach potentially thousands of people by sending out emails, and you don't have to worry about receiving spam complaints either because everyone on the list has opted-in to receive emails.

    14.Getting a myspace page could also increase your site traffic because hundreds of people will see it.

    15.Constantly update content on your web-page, so having a news section is a great deal for search engines especially

    16.Update your Facebook status to let your friends know everytime you update your blog and create a Facebook fan page.
    Your friend's friends will see when they join the fan page or comment on your status

    Thats one of the golden rules ,Google love new updated content.

    Any more ideas you may have please share them with us:stickp4::google2:

    Do you like my post please give a thanks :)
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    Wow that's alot of info... I reckon that summarises like 50 ebooks in the download section. Thanks!
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  3. adious

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    Dude.. Loads of really good information in here.. Subscribed so that I could read it back if it happens to be replaced with other threads in the lists.