1. dozerspares

    Hey everyone

    New to the forum but have been reading posts and have already found some good insights. Looking forward to learning more.
  2. S

    Similar audience in 2 Facebook ad campaigns

    Hi everyone, I have a doubt in creating a Facebook ad campaign with the same audience under 2 different ad objective. I am creating a messenger ad campaign with the objective of click to messenger ad (the ad will run on both Facebook and Instagram). At the same time, I am also creating another...
  3. S

    Facebook Ad Job Interview Questions

    One of my friends went for a job interview and they asked him 2 questions regarding FB ads. Question 1: Company Y is running a successful Facebook campaign spending $10k per month. They would like to increase the performance of this campaign by spending $20K per month instead. What steps...
  4. Loklush

    Need to know which Social Media Platform good for affiliate marketing

    Except facebook which social media are good for paid ads to promoting affiliate offer Please share your experience on other social media
  5. M

    Looking out for someone who can get our song on spotify viral weekly chart

    We are looking out for someone reliable and super professional who can get our song on Spotify Viral USA weekly chart . We need guaranteed work.
  6. J

    Hello friends, Happy to join blackhatworld.

    Hi, there I am an SEO executive. I have a 2 years experience in this field. happy to help as much as I Can and finding my solution as well from you guys. Thanks, jaydip
  7. JamesBondBro

    Hi friends!

    I'm Bond. James Bond. :cool::cool: I'm professional programmer with 12years experiense and Web-development skills. I gonna be useful for you in themes: PHP, design, Cryptography, Linux, Hostings, Mysql (mariadb), SQL, WordPress, Social Marketing methods, Creating e-commerce sites etc. I'm...
  8. RanQ Higher

    Great news for Digital Marketing

    Most of the B2B now transferred to online marketing in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak.. I'm therefore happy to know that some companies have already adopted a new strategy of shifting the funds to double the investment in online marketing! Large organizations have already dropped...
  9. Search Land

    What is the list of Services offer to a client by a company?

    Hello guys I have just opened an SEO/SMO/Content services agency. I want to know whether what services and excel sheet I should share with the client? In case of a reference please first review my website about SEO Services and tell me what I can do more? as I am not a developer nor I have any...
  10. The Akki

    [Advice for Newbie] USA amazon Affiliate blog

    Hi folks!! I wanna to start a amazon Affiliate blog for USA. How can I find best selling products for my blog? How much post should I need if I want to start for only 2-3 products. Need experts advice & Suggestions? Thanks
  11. V

    How to get a 100% result in SEO!!

    Follow these interactions get 100% your website is ranked! 1 First find out relevant keywords for your business website. 2 Try to find out keywords for your each page. 3 Use that targeted keywords in your website page title, description, in image Alt. 4 Now all left keywords use in...
  12. E

    Healthcare on social media

    Hi experts, \What is the scope of the healthcare industry on social media platforms? Need valuable advice.
  13. J


    I am a Digital marketing expert. Looking for expand my skills in this forum.
  14. E

    social media for legal sites

    Hi there, Is it beneficial to use social media for legal websites? Need valuable advice
  15. E

    social media failures

    Hi all, What are the factors that determine the failure of social media marketing? Thanks in advance
  16. E

    smo traffic

    Hi all, What Time Is Better For Get Indian Traffic From Social Media? Thanks in advance
  17. E

    LinkedIn SEO

    Hi there, What are some of the useful tips to take benefit from Linkedin in terms of SEO? Need Valuable Answers
  18. M

    Hi! Im alg0d From Langley, VA

    Hello! I’m a Gresham here CCNP certified and working on a bunch of projects! I guess you can say I was the Founder of LS. But, it’s whatever I don’t want that on my resume.. Have a good one! -alg0d ps: I’m working on a huge project from realitors and I’ll be setting up and IRC soon. I’ll see...
  19. B

    Affiliate Marketing product for email marketing

    Hi Group Mates, I work in marketing department of an IT company so I generate database (about 120 to 150 acc / day) of RPC majority of the people are from software development back ground. So can anyone please suggest me any niche which I can sell to these people, if affiliate product is for...
  20. E


    Hi All, On LinkedIn, is it better to have a Company Page or a personal profile? What about a LinkedIn Group? Need serious advice
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