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    First, a note:
    If you have to ask what redirect URLs are good for, then this is not for you (Maybe a nicer member can explain it in more detail than I have patience for at the moment).

    Second, Credit where it is due:
    I saw Triplex's regrettable post, but it gave me an idea for some footprints, so I decided to share them.

    Third, These will require some work:
    When you scrape these URLs, they will be "dirty" with other domains in them, so you might have to manually clean them up. This can be avoided by adding "inurl:[popular url in your niche] -site:[same popular url]" into it, and then mass-replacing the [popular url] text.

    Also, not all of these will be true redirect URLs - the first 2 "inurl" types (inurl:url= and inurl:go=) will most likely be 99% "pure".

    Fourth, Scrape Like The Wind:
    You'd want to find all the sites that have these redirect scripts enabled, so use a ton of keywords for them, save them up, and use them to your benefit.

    Lastly, be creative:
    THINK when using these footprints, there are ways to make this process much easier an automated - don't waste a ton of time manually clearing the URLs you've scraped - be creative, exercise that brain of yours see bottom of this post for an example on this.

    {keyword} "inurl:url=http://*"
    {keyword} "inurl:url=http://*" "redirect.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:url=http://*" "exit.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:url=http://*" "external.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:url=http://*" "go.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:go=http://*"
    {keyword} "inurl:go=http://*" "redirect.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:go=http://*" "exit.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:go=http://*" "external.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:go=http://*" "go.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:site=http://*"
    {keyword} "inurl:site=http://*" "redirect.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:site=http://*" "exit.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:site=http://*" "external.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:site=http://*" "go.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:u=http://*"
    {keyword} "inurl:u=http://*" "redirect.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:u=http://*" "exit.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:u=http://*" "external.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:u=http://*" "go.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:to=http://*"
    {keyword} "inurl:to=http://*" "redirect.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:to=http://*" "exit.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:to=http://*" "external.*"
    {keyword} "inurl:to=http://*" "go.*"

    Let's say we find the following URL with our scrape:

    We would then import it into a tool for easier editing which allows us to run formulas (saay, Excel maybe?) and put in a formula to remove everything to the right of the http:// and replace it with your own URL.
    Like I said, be creative.

    Oh, and don't forget to ping the redirects after you've made em.