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The participation limit for this campaign has already been reached. for me!
I'm too late too.
The participation limit for this campaign has already been reached.
Damn. No longer available. Really appreciate the heads up nonetheless :)
Apparently it just work with us, canada and some european country numbers... any way to make it work?
Same with me.Am I missing something here?
Pm Me If u want the number, or recieve it with Java Or make some marketing phone number website with php script.
i allready got more then 50 domain + 20gb hosting :)
Not getting the verification code to the mobile. Not working :(
(from India)
I believe this is intended to get more signups on their website and designed to boost their email marketing customers.

When I'm not signed up on the site, it says the coupon has been redeemed, it worked. But after signing up to get the domain, it says the coupon couldn't be redeemed.
maybe only numbers from certain countries work now? I tried a bunch of live numbers i have access to in Europe it gave me an error message with some but also accepted some of the others with no no error message but i never received the text.

@formansyah maybe you could help me out, i am sure i can pay you back some how.

i am pretty good at coding writing bots, scraping data that kind of stuff, and i have a bunch of re-mailers for mass mailing
Not open for further replies.
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