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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by dreaming2design, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Nov 7, 2011
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    Hey guys, this is my first post. I wasn't planning on registering but while looking for ways to promote my new blog/theme site I came across Black Hat World. I've been reading through the forums and whatnot and found the information alot of you guys are putting out really useful!
    So I figured that I could contribute by telling you guys about my free wordpress themes.

    (while this does kinda sound like an ad or a way to get a bit of traffic out of this site while I write this)

    I just want to offer you guys something back.
    I know after reading alot through here, people are starting sites, optimizing sites, working with adsense and all that lovely stuff.
    Well, We can't deny the importance of an appealing and great looking website, that's why I created Dreaming2Design.

    So! if you guys are in need of some sexy WordPress themes, I've created 4 since my site launch a few days ago.

    Right now I have created 3 "look-alike" themes.
    "facebook theme, Twitter theme, XBoX 360 Theme" and my Cloud9 theme which is original.
    This is great for anyone working with an adsense site because when you have themes that resemble popular websites its going to create a familiar feeling with your visitors, thus creating trust and establishing a good impression right off the bat.

    My themes are different then others, I use the themify backend, theres pretty much nothing u can't customize from the admin panel.

    Not only do I offer the backend for cuztomization, I created this site to dig a knife into these other wordpress theme sites.
    When I create my themes, I create them as if I was designing for a client, I make them with quality... other sites label these themes as "Premium" which means the free themes they offer are lacking, poorly done and pretty much suck compared to the "Premium" stuff.

    Not me, all themes I make are "Premium FREE"
    So, if you guys are looking for a nice theme for your adsense sites or whatever projects you got going on, go check them out!

    hope my stuff helps.

    If you appreciate or like anything I published on the site for you guys, feel free to show some love, send me your tips, seo stuff, throw me a couple complementary backlinks whereever you can :)

    well, apparently i can't add a link, PM if you want the site
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    That's a nice offer , but what's your advantage of this offer?Do you set Backlinks in the copyright note :)?
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    i dont mind to give you link to your website if you make a bit customed themes.. eventhough sometimes main page plugin to not follow external links is installed :p
    i would pm you im looking after some local biz landing pages , or another idea and dont mind to give you ideas and advices let me pm since you got no contacts if you put probably more shy people will contact you ;)
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    I have bought an autoblog that has trojan code in it. I know because I see links appearing out of nowhere in the posts ;) I dealt with that by removing all links from posts, so I did not bother looking and removing the bad code.

    Long story short, I run TAC on it and it says: "Theme Ok!" ;)