1. L

    Difference between wordpress and shopify in the UX/UI

    which one is better in UX/UI can some one please give me little list please
  2. The Undefined

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  3. Oshan776

    Cheap Themes and Plugins

    It is safe to buy themes and plugins from sites like this: |
  4. T

    Can I use the same theme on 3-4 sites in the same Niche?

    Hello everyone, Should I use the same theme for 3-4 sites in the same niche? Obviously, the design, colours, and logo will be different. Also, the content structure will differ from each other. Is it advisable to do so, or should I go with other themes?
  5. S

    How to Enable Comments on WordPress When Theme Took That Option Away?

    I am using the theme Streamlab - Video Streaming WordPress Theme found at They have custom post types, such as Videos, TV Shows, etc. But, it's not possible to enable comments on these post types from within the...
  6. Cyw1z

    All In One Subscription [Access to our massive library of WordPress Themes & Plugins, Templates and All the Tools you need!]

    You'll get access to a wide range of tools and services, including WordPress themes and plugins, Templates and more. Here are some of the things you will get: Access to almost all wordpress themes and plugins listed on themeforest. Tools like Semrush, Grammarly ,Quillbot ,Canva and many...
  7. Rollfic

    Any theme as fast as GeneratePress ?

    Looking for a magazine/news theme that is as fast as Generatepress. I know magazine themes are built with too many resources and codes so the extra weight but still some news theme can be light? GeneratePress don't have news template. This is only the downfall. Any suggestions?
  8. Divisoria

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  9. Dark Hat 007

    Question: What theme are these guys using please?

    Hello, who can help identify the theme these guys are using and how I can get access to it. No, theme dictators aren't helping, it appears they have renamed the theme. Website: @MisterF @splishsplash @Festinger
  10. R

    Does anyone have this Prebuilt theme? =)

    Hey all I am looking for the prebuilt theme called "Renovation" it's by ThemeMove. If anyone has it, can you please share the installation file? And if anyone know any similar template like this one for free please share the link, I'd be really thankful.
  11. Rollfic

    Where is that thread?

    That thread where someone found a trick to download all themeforest themes and plugins for free?
  12. Rollfic

    Are GPL Themes and Plugins modified in any way?

    Hi, how are people selling premium themes plugins like Astra, Generatepress, elementor Pro for like $10 or such? Hard to believe it's not modified.
  13. SirLouen

    Which are your 3 preferred themes for WP for magazine-style sites

    I would like to compile and analyse a list of the best themes for WordPress for 2021 in this forum. I have my personal favourites, but would like to hear yours Which are your 3 preferred themes for WP and magazine-style sites My 3 choices: 1. Generatepress 2. Genesis (with BizzBudding...
  14. kd199121

    Suggest Me Wordpress Theme For A Eyewear Company

    Hey I need some suggestion for wordpress theme to work over an eyewear glasses store. example - Please suggest both Paid and free themes if you can - Thank you
  15. Muhatrima

    Any Plugin That Can Do This Magic! ?

    I have seen a website that is using normal Newspaper x Theme, but once this website is visited on mobile, then it loads like an app (First the posts can be navigated through swipe!, if you swipe left or right, one is able to navigate directly to either previous post or next post, so no need to...
  16. Themer


    Quick introduction to our service: You can purchase premium themes & plugins from our store listed above for a fraction of the original price. You can either purchase a single item or a one time subscription for unlimited downloads. Following are the plans and pricing. Please note there is an...
  17. A

    Need a good wordpress theme for download movies, series, animes...

    I need a wordpress theme for movies, series, ebooks, animes... like TIREXO and ZT
  18. Josh Saga

    Themes/Plugins Advice

    Hello All, I'm here to ask what else you can recommend as a must-have plugin for my site to run properly and fast - including mandatory plugins as well that you think I should have. It's for my first affiliate blog site. I'm also a member of Festinger's Vault so I don't worry about the pricing...
  19. jubayersunkhan

    I need suggestions on how I can start blogging like this site [SportDown]

    I want to start a blog site. like this one. so i need suggestion what step i should take first to start a blog site. This Site is a SportBlog, For All Category Sports. This is the site link. So I request Blackhatworld members...
  20. D

    Want to try out WooCommerce or some maybe new good alternative to Shopify

    I am thinking about setting up a grey area product store , the product is allowed, but dont want to risk being blocked by Shopify. Any advice for where I could setup the fastest WooCommerce store - themewise and hosting wise? Maybe there are some new alternatives on the market to Shopify...
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