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[FREE] Proxy Multiplication Software - **ProxyFeed**

Discussion in 'Freebies / Giveaways' started by ampedsoftware, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. ampedsoftware

    ampedsoftware Newbie

    Dec 25, 2012
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    Hey there blackhatters!

    Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I'm looking to give back to the community here and earn some nice karma while showing off my programming skills, so I offer you a very useful piece of software to harvest proxies for FREE - ProxyFeed!

    There are commercial versions of similar software that I was considering competing with, but then I decided it'd be better off to undercut those competitors the best way I know how, and that's giving out freebies :D This also lets me develop the application with far more user feedback, leading to better programs for you!

    Bear in mind this is early software (first release!), at this stage ProxyFeed's commercial competitors will provide you with more features and a more mature, stable application. Once ProxyFeed matures I will release the source code (it's not well commented at this stage and missing a few features I'd like it to have) so hopefully the creative among you will be able to make even better use of the code and software.

    Known limitations:
    - Does not test for quality or type of proxy (HTTP/SOCKS, transparent/anonymous, etc.), at the moment only tests that the IP is up and you can make successful connections to the port
    - Doesn't perform any feedback automatically (you have to put found proxies back in the initial proxies list and do another run manually)

    These limitations will be overcome in future updates, but are very easy to work around. For more thorough proxy inspection use another proxy checker, and once ProxyFeed stops after a given run, just feed the found proxies list into the initial proxies list and run the software again.

    Within 3 hours I used this software to end up with 40K "working" (not thoroughly tested as described above) proxies starting with just 2 IPs from the first run. Not bad for a free piece of software hey ;)

    tinypic domain/r/35n3a4o/6
    Configurable options:
    - Use CoDeeN proxies [Makes the program use the Planetlab Coral cache network to scrape Google results through, lets you hammer google with requests without ever getting banned - for once those Planetlab IPs are actually pretty useful!]
    - Check initial proxy list [Check the initial proxy list for validity of proxies before scraping the google results for that proxy. I'd leave it unchecked myself to speed up the harvesting process, all the new proxies you get are checked anyway]
    - Crawl X links from each Google result [Harvest proxies from the first X]
    - Run X crawler threads at once [Runs X harvesting threads simulataneously. This number is capped at 1000, but program performance will degrade if you push it too high. 200 is a relatively sane upper limit (works well on 4-core processor + 1.5mbit/s internet connection), but those with nice high bandwidth connections and decent CPUs can push it further. Very high values can affect application stability and responsiveness - you have been warned!]

    CAUTION: If your router is cheap, and your router is set as your computer's DNS server, the 'use CoDeeN proxy' method combined with a high number of worker threads might upset your router to the point where DNS will stop working (not desired!). I recommend using a public DNS server on your internet connection that can cope with your relatively large number of requests. This problem will be addressed in future versions - the goal of the initial version is to provide a working solution, not one that will play nice on networks no matter what you do with it :)

    - Configure your options as described above.
    - Click 'Fetch Proxies' to start running threads.
    - Click 'Stop' to stop running threads (any currently running threads will run until task completion).

    - Microsoft Windows XP or later
    - .NET Framework 2.0

    View attachment ProxyFeed.zip

    Can't post links, so you'll have to fix up these urls to check the virustotal results, otherwise you can always upload the file yourself or check it with whatever tools you deem necessary.

    VirusTotal scan [zip archive v1.0]:
    virus total domain/file/1f53c41d13eb1cc1c40f275f085566eba0a8f7e0dfe58c0ecd8f6ef74fff76a8/analysis/1356695277/
    VirusTotal scan [executable v1.0]:
    virus total domain/file/44d76414bc0274f456fbb80cb1b7230898c464396482b4384c757f564ed9d7f7/analysis/1356695546/
    Feedback and feature requests are most welcome! This is an experiment to see how viable developing free software can be for me personally, donations are welcome but by no means mandatory. This software does have commercial uses, so if you're making some money off it it'd be nice to get a little thank you :)

    Mods, if the above donation request is against rules, please delete it. I couldn't find anything against it in the rules as it's completely optional. I know there are modified links in the post, but they are both to public websites (I don't own virustotal or tinypic!) for an upload of an image screenshot and checking of the freebie for malware on virustotal, which I believe is in everyone's best interest. I'm happy to remove any offending material from the post.
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