free software

  1. magicjones

    Free Backlink - RMS Support Letter

    Here ya go, show some support too. Name and URL:
  2. infinix69

    [FREE] ACDSee Video Studio (Video Editor + Camtasia Clone) [Until July 29th]

    Hey everyone, figured this might be of interest to BHW users, since many may be recording youtube videos or doing simple video editing. Based on what I've seen, this software is basically a Camtasia clone (with a few less options), and they are offering their Version 3 for FREE lifetime license...
  3. W

    [Free software] Big Account Finder

    BAF 1.2 is out!!IMtz2AjD!pUZkVEp7UgLApflusN2bP3HGF0ie2AFng3VY_-ScP2A VT: New features clicking in the list will show you the selected IG account in your browser added...
  4. Wilson Grant Fisk

    [GET] Free guides - Plain English Campaign + Drivel Defence Software

    What is the Plain English Campaign? Free Guides - How to Write in Plain English Drivel Defence Software Download Drivel Defence Online...
  5. sweetiepee

    [Windows Beta Testers Needed] Free Tweeter Software Giveaway!

    I will be giving away free copies of the completed version of my tweeter software to testers. Read requirements below Requirements: 1) Software Feedback (state what changes you will like to see and I will do my best to implement them) 2) Testimonial (when software is completed leave me a...
  6. ivarga

    Are you an eCommerce/dropshipper? I need your help!

    So I am developing a tool that will help eCommerce business owners out, it's going to be free. So far what it does is that you can pretty much take any link from any of these sites dhgate aliexpress ebay and some more.. And paste it into the application and it will download all the product...
  7. handmadebots

    [GET] [FREE] Facebook Friends Wall Poster

    I've started to make this bot for a member of this forum, but it looks like we couldn't make a deal at the end of the day. Anyway, because the bot was already done, I want to share it here for free. It's a facebook wall poster, not on your wall, but on your friends wall. What it does ? Logs...
  8. E

    Content Locking NEED HELP

    Hey guys i have this domain i don't use anymore and i was reading about content locking im very interested in this do you guys know of any good free software that can help me with this many thanks from a noob!
  9. XorBots

    What is the free software you want developed?

    We've developed many successful SEO automation tools over time. The next tool will be a free tool shared over here. Please let us know your ideas so we can pick one or two. Thanks
  10. A

    [FREE] Proxy Multiplication Software - **ProxyFeed**

    Hey there blackhatters! Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I'm looking to give back to the community here and earn some nice karma while showing off my programming skills, so I offer you a very useful piece of software to harvest proxies for FREE -...
  11. minimo88

    free software and games

    the name of the website is they give away fre oftware they don t give the best software in the world or games but they are worth a look they add a new software/game everyday thy make money through adsense and all that crap thank me if you found it useful...
  12. hellis

    Hello guys I'm looking to network and make new Friends.

    This is an awesome forum. Thanks a million for the awesome tips I'm a newbie an have been struggling for a while to pay my bills joined affiliate programs for extra cash but need to drive traffic I have no money for advertising any tips to keep me a float. Thanks
  13. X

    Looking For 100% FREE Bulk Email Software

    Does anybody know of any good and free bulk email software?One that has multiple proxies would be awsome.Even cracked payed versions will work.Most of all I want it to be easy and straight forward.
  14. BHBodeezy

    Contest ? What about it!

    Well, lets have it, thats right.. a contest! Lets get together and discuss the best app we can think off. The person with the best idea and most thought out process will win. We can work with them and a handful of other people that are chosen by us and the winner. Then we will make that...
  15. sugarwillis

    Constructive Criticism needed !!! PLS Help

    [LIST] Hi there people, Can everyone please have a look at my site and give me some ideas to increase CTR for my affiliate links. Ive just bout tube automator and a few other black hat tools so i want to improve my site before i send a heap of traffic... Dont hold back please !!!! :) The...
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