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    Hi to all BHW members, after some time apart from seo and marketing I'm back and want to offer some free tools for all of you.

    I'm developing a new website with SEO tools, most of them black hat tools. Right now I just began so you will not see any impressive tools, but soon I will develop some great tools

    The domain is just a random domain that I picked from my list, I will change it later. This website have NO ADS, so I guess i can post it here.

    Current Tools:
    Wordpress Submitter v.1
    Spinner v.1
    Pagerank Checker v.1

    UnderDevelopment - Ideas Tools:
    Mass Wordpress Submitter | Submit variations of spun text to a list of wordpress blogs
    Tumblr Submitter | Submit post to tumblr
    Mass Tumblr Submitter | Same as above to many tumblr blogs
    Mass Pagerank Checker | Check a list of urls
    URL Demonstration Tool | This tool is unique and will be useful for backlinks providers

    I also started developing with C#, right now just a img imgur scraper, maybe will add download links to download some programs.
    Also will share iMacros codes and some making money tutorials using this tools, iMacros codes...

    Test my Tools and Submit Feedback
    Your are free to test and use my tools as much as you want (If I see abusing I will start to put some CAPTCHA and other limitations) and give some feedback or ideas here on this thread, I will do my best to improve the tools and make new ones, also post errors and stuff like that.

    URL: http://vbwebmaster.net