Followliker: Normal Method vs FLC

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    Hi guys,

    I need help in understanding FLC better. My understanding:

    The normal method (follow users and like photos) simply follow users (from specific queries) and various photos (from specific queries). The follows and likes are not tied to the same users.

    FLC method will scrape and follow users (from specific queries) and then followliker goes to these users and liking their photos.

    So what I'm expecting from activity log for FLC method is something like this:

    - Following User A

    - Liking photo ID 12345 (from User A)

    - Following User B

    - Liking photo ID 12123 (from User B)

    - Following User C

    - Liking photo ID 32374 (from User C)

    - and so on

    In comparison to normal method:

    - Following User A

    - Following User B

    - Following User C

    - Liking photo ID 99999 (from User D)

    - Liking photo ID 45454 (from User E)

    - And soon

    So I did the Followliker tutorial regarding FLC:

    - At General Setting, set Automation Interval at 15-20 secs

    - At Scrape User Setting, I pick the right Query Type (for example User’s Follower) then enter “FLC:username” (where username is the popular account that has followers I want to follow) as Query

    - At Scrape Photo Setting, set Scrape Photo Limit at 3 (or less), check the"Scrape only top result" box, select Relevant as Query Type and “FLC:” as Query.

    My questions:

    1. Is my understanding correct regarding normal and FLC method?

    2. Is my understanding correct regarding the activity log for normal and FLC method?

    3. If it’s true for question 2, why didn’t I get right for my FLC activity log (mine looks like the second activity log I described)?

    4. Why does Automation Interval need to be set at much lower period for FLC method? (normal method: 1-2 mins)

    5. Is there anything else that I get wrong or missing something?

    Thank You
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    1. That is right, but you need to check some options for FL
    2. Same with the first question
    3. You need test and test or ask support for FL
    4. If you don't use low Automation Interval, Daily Follow will not reach the number of follow that you want.
    5. Begin to test with FLC, and you will find reasons.

    Note: Don't follow more 1000 per day with FLC setting because you will get more like per photo of per follow.

    Hopefully I can help you somewhat :)
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