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Follow Liker Proxy Ban?? Help Needed

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by vuhsacesloth, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. vuhsacesloth

    vuhsacesloth Newbie

    Jan 15, 2016
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    Hello! I've been growing 4 accounts for the past couple months using no proxies without problem.

    I recently bought 20 proxies from Proxy million and applied them to 20 new accounts I made yesterday.

    They all got banned in less than 60 seconds. Rest in Peace :mad:

    Today I bought 5 proxies from SSL private which were pretty expensive. This time I only applied two accounts per proxy and the new accounts I made lasted me only one day and a half but they were banned as well.

    On these accounts my settings in FL were set to 50 likes max per day, no link in bio. So I wasn't doing anything crazy, since i follow 400 people a day on my accounts using my personal ip.

    Furthermore, I bought 4 more accounts today, 5 months aged and I tried using proxies from SSL and they got banned immediately.

    I'm down 60 dollars in two days and I don't want to keep wasting money.:(

    What could I be doing wrong? I don't want to keep spending and spending on different proxies and aged accounts for no reason.

    Any Help is Welcome guys