follow liker

  1. FunkyBlues

    Any good tutorial on Follow Liker for Pinterest?

    This tool is the least intuitive I've ever seen. Jarvee is great, but it's going to be too expensive with what I need. I've found a lot of Follow Liker tuts for IG, but nothing for Pinterest. If anyone can point me to one that would be great. Thanks.
  2. B

    FollowLiker Like Function

    Hey BHW! I was wondering if it's possible to set up the bot to like the posts of people that have engaged with a target account. For example pull @Instagram's last post and like people that liked there post. I know it's possible on Instazood just can't figure out how to set it up for...
  3. Aaroneugenee

    Need help with Follow Liker

    So I'm using Follow Liker and kind of getting the hang of it..but a few things in the settings are unclear to me. I have about 20ish accounts set up on different proxies as a test until I figure this whole thing out. They all log in successfully, but where my confusion is, is the...
  4. jungy

    WhiteHatBox - Legit or Scam?

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about purchasing some tools from these guys. I have done some digging through the forums and found some average responses. One of the posts show how much these guys spam the forum and several banned accounts. Trustpilot has several one star reviews stating their...
  5. S

    Followliker vs Instagram Following Feed

    Hey guys, New to the forum but looking forward to learning and sharing. I've been using FL but noticed the Following Feed on Instagram shows what you've liked and who you followed (privacy wise, this seems a bit much 0-0) Doesn't this scream when you use followliker? I know there is no way...
  6. my4gproxy

    Follow diferent users across all acc?

    Hi guys, I want to ask you if you know the way to enable a option in Follow liker to follow diferent users across all acc. I know jarve has that option, so its very nice to cpa or mother-slave ccampains, if you are runing one niche, u will never follow same user betwen all your accounts. thanks!
  7. J

    Follow liker won't like enough

    Hello! I actually am a follow liker user but I wanted to report something that's not working for me. A few days ago I changed one of my Instagram's username, and since then, the bot won't do more than 50 likes a day when it used to do around 2000. (It still follows the same amount of people...
  8. Chipi

    HELP! Unable to add new Instagram accounts to Followliker!!! Is this happening again?

    Hi Guys, I want to know if some of you are having problems adding new Instagram accounts to Followliker. I have several accounts working but since last week I haven't been able to add new accounts, I wonder if this is a problem similar to last november-december of 2017 when all bots stopped...
  9. snowboardnj

    Anyone else having issues logging into IG accounts?

    Hey Guys, Ive been botting on IG for a while. I promote some friend and client accounts. Recently its been nearly impossible for me to verify new accounts. My usual method is to log into their account from my comp and solve any verification issues from there. The issue is that no matter how...
  10. O

    How to seperate scraped list by gender

    Hello I am looking for a way to filter out scraped lists based on m/fm genders
  11. Dawnshelters

    Looking for someone to set-up and manage Follow Liker

    Hi, I am looking for someone that can set-up follow liker and manage some account for me. My goal is to have 100 maybe 200 accounts running. Please message me if you have experience in this area. Kind regards, DS Dawn Shelters
  12. J

    Followliker question on Twitter

    Hi there! I've been using followliker for instagram for a long while, and now I'd like to start using it on Twitter aswell. What I'd want the bot to do is like 1-2 tweets of a big account followers. Is FLC working here? Could you please tell me what is the config for that? Thank you vm!
  13. O

    please give me the right setting to get more followers on pinterset with follow liker

    hello! please tell me the right configuration of follow liker for pinterest
  14. 202GreatDays

    What happened to Follow Liker support? Did they shut down?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Follow Liker support? Has Follow Liker shut down? I pay for the monthly subscription but there is no way to contact them anymore. 1. You can no longer submit support tickets 2. There is no contact information on the website 3. Their social media accounts...
  15. 202GreatDays

    Follow Liker 10.0 - Retweet Not Working (since date query no longer working)

    As of April 20, 2018 - Follow Liker 10.0's Retweet queries using the "since:2018-04-20" date query no longer works. For example, we have queries: "Photo Tweets" + "from:twitterusername since:2018-04-20" "Video Tweets" + "from:twitterusername since:2018-04-20" "Recent" + "from:twitterusername...
  16. Samtondon

    Accounts Help

    Few months back I bought around 200 accounts from @Valar Instagramis for some project for my client. As my work was done and I wanna use the accounts for CPA. But the problem is I had yo change the usernames of the accounts and I accidentally deleted all the new usernames and I didn't had aby...
  17. M

    running Followliker on 2 iphones?

    Hello everyone, i'm using followliker on my pc and running 4 Instagram accounts on my iPhone 6, i Just bought iPhone X can i run another 3 or 4 Instagram accounts on my iPhone X ? so in total can i have around 7-8 accounts running at the same time divided on two iPhones? or it will get me...
  18. Memoirs

    FollowLiker machine bROKE

    I'm guessing that a lot of you here use this program. Help would be amazing as it's the first day I have ever had this! MassPlanner was the previous used for me FL looks like it's more work than it saves, having to rescrape usernames to follow, like, comment on etc. This won't work with...
  19. Gently

    Cancelling FL subscription

    I have decided i want to move on from FL after speaking to some other forum members and try GMT2. Does anyone here know how i can cancel my subscription if i paid with a card? I have found how to cancel it if i was using PayPal but i purchased the software and have been making monthly payments...
  20. Gently

    FL not opening multiple instances

    Hello again, So after i finally got FL reinstalled and working, i opened up 3 instances, to run 3 separate projects. After logging in on 2 of them the third instance closed and will not open back up. Has anyone else experienced this or know i way i can fix it? I have sent a support ticket but...