First Time: CPA with PPC [HELP]

Discussion in 'CPA' started by adidam, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Hello Guys

    I would like to know that I am planning to start with PPC. It's almost more than 10 - 20 Days and I am still doing research as PPC is not like kid game that you start and you earn. It's a very Risky Method to earn money.

    So I am looking forward to take your advises.

    AIM: Make money with CPA using PPC.

    1. Which PPC Network I should use to promote CPA Offers?
    (Tell me the easy one which gives best results for newbies)

    2. Which CPA Network I should use to promote?
    (Tell me best one which is newbie friendly)

    3. Which niche offer is best for PPC?
    (Tell me best one which is easily convertible and newbie friendly)

    4. What should be the landing page?

    When user clicks over the ad, It should go where?

    P.S.: Thanks for giving your time here and helping me. I will ask more questions time to time. I hope you guys will help me.

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Hello adidam,

    I think you should look into the forums' PPC section , BHW members usually share some cool tips and guides there. Anyways assuming that you already did, I am gonna give you some pointers myself.

    To start of , I would recommend you go with Google Adwords as they are more newbie friendly when compared to the competition.
    Do some research and you might be able to get hold of a 50$ or 100$ voucher to start your first campaign.

    Since this is your first campaign , you should start of with small niches with least amount of competition (thou seemingly the traffic will also be less, but it will be a good experience in learning how it all works while making some decent profit).

    Once you have determined your niche, go to your CPA Accounts and look for offers pertaining to that niche. Go for the small offers like email submits or that kind or go for a big one if you think its a good product and has a convincing LP.

    Now I would assume you already know you cannot directly link that offer with your affiliate Id in ad-words for promoting, so you need to create an attractive Landing Page, if you lack experience in the scene , i suggest you go with Optimize Press 2 - they make it damn simple easy for even newbies to create stunning killer LP's also it will / should have an opt-in form (thou it should not seem like the only purpose of your site) which upon entering should redirect them to your Offer.

    Now you should start with creating a simple campaign (target low comp. keywords) with attractive title for ad and tagline. Remember , the Website you provide in the footer of your ad should be the website users will get directed to (in this case your LP). To make it simple , you need to register a domain with either the niche or the offer title in it (to make it seem more realistic to the user) and put your landing page on that domain with the opt-in form placed very discretely without violating Google's TOS redirecting to your CPA Offer.

    Once you have attained an Opt-In subscribers list of sustainable amount, You can then start promoting your campaign's / CPA Offers / Affiliate Offers to them directly and make even more profit.

    Well I think I have covered everything I can in a most newbie friendly way.

    Hope you follow through on it and make some good out of it.

    Hit me up with you have any other query. I would be happy to help a fellow BHW member.

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    i dont have all the answers, but one thing for sure in PPC , is
    to test ..test and test :)

    read this , it's a good one
    if you have some $$, get the premium ebook s
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    PPC, traffic and strategies is what you need bud!
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    Alos, use a landing page/squeeze page for capturing their emails first.
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    Facebook Ads is great when you get good at targeting and creating attention grabbing ads. Even as a total newbie i was doing quite well with it until i got banned.