Finally Reached PR1



I got a sweet spider program on here and my ALEXA dropped 4,000,000 and finally reached PR1.My domain is 1 month old.
please can you reveal the spider program you found here?
Sorry bud, by you using a program to fake alexa won't jump up your PR rating. Google just updated the PR rankings which must have updated yours as well.
Ya please tell the program want to know !
Google updated pr at the end of october so it could be this. Also as has been said it seems pr doesn't mean an awfull lot anymore. In an another post I have stated in the last 2 months my sites have moved onto the 1st page of google for my keywords yet one site went from pr3 to pr2. Go figure?:confused:
My page rank was 0 two days ago.The program i'm using is trackback spider.Its shared on here somewhere.
Hear it is.

Yes, there was PR update but not so big. Not all domains get updated.
i remember a quote "page rank is vanity, ranking is sanity" cant remember where from but its not ur PR thats important its where google ranks you in the search engine
lol i dont spam blog smaller than PR4 who cares of PR1
It also doesn't update every few months. It updates every single second of every single day. It's an algorithm... An active, living, evolving server based formula the acts on data and time. The only reason people think it updates is because every so often the PR goes public. And that's a fact. :)

People talking about a "PR update" and people talking about "Web 2.0" are my 2 personal anger inducing pet hates in the online world. (Neither actually exist.) ;)
It's just a nice figure that people like to see increase, Ranking is more important.
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