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    Hello there fellow marketers :)

    My business partner/close friend Jannik and me are new here and when it comes to online marketing, so this is our first thread on the site.. We are posting after not having found an answer for it by searching here and elsewhere..

    The question is; why do we get this Facebook error in the end, when we want to accept our budget to send the Ad out:

    "The text of this creative contains invalid characters. Ads can only contain letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and spaces."

    When we simply try to use one or more of these signs in our Facebook Ad Headline and/or Text:

    "➜ ♛ ►"

    The signs btw have been taken directly from a Danish ad that we found ourselves today, so we know that other marketers have no problem using those signs in their ads..

    So far I have tried to change my personal Facebook profile (that we market on) to "US English" from "Danish", since we are both from Denmark and are starting out on the Danish market, but with no luck what so ever when it comes to use of these signs..

    Thanks for reading and helping out :)

    /No Guts No Glory I/S, Jean
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