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  1. DT Media Agency

    Indian bank card rejected by Facebook

    Recently I met a lot of Indian customers after they added their card to their FB ad account and the account died, and I had to change them to a new account, and add it our way. I wonder if in India a lot of advertisers don't pay Facebook and Facebook has banned all Indian card codes?
  2. DT Media Agency

    How to run Facebook campagain blackhat(crypto, gambling, healthy) successfully

    How to run Facebook campagain blackhat(crypto, gambling, healthy) 100% successfully with unlimited budget during the day? I'm not a liar. I have tried most Facebook advertising accounts, Facebook Agency, Facebook ads profile, BM 5 nolimit, BM 350, Limit 250$...etc After a process of trying and...
  3. DT Media Agency

    Why are Ads prices getting more and more expensive? Target thinking?

    Surely many of you have encountered a situation where advertising looks good, but it only lasts for a few days, if it's high then it's calculated in units of weeks, then the advertising price goes up to the sky. Of course it won't jump much at once, but it will be x1.5 - 5 times over time which...
  4. I

    Need help understanding this trick

    I recently came across a video on Facebook that caught my attention. It's a rather simple video, but what intrigued me were the images that appeared between each frame. I'm really curious about the significance of these images.
  5. Facebook ad account for renting - Checkmate ads agency 2.png

    Facebook ad account for renting - Checkmate ads agency 2.png

    We provide high quality Facebook campaign elements like proxies, profiles, ad accounts, pages,...as customer's request Rent Facebook ad account provided by Checkmate Agency today to get them!
  6. DT Media Agency


    PIXEL FACEBOOK KEY CONVERTER FACEBOOK ADS Hello everyone, recently many people who have made friends from Fb to the Zalo group have asked me many questions, most of them only care about my content and how to set up ads, but they don't care about a very important factor which is the Fb Pixel...
  7. DT Media Agency


    ✅ Welcome! DT Media Agency provides FACEBOOK AD ACCOUNTS BM, PERSONAL,✅NO LIMIT✅ to help you increase revenue and reduce costs. Support 24/7 1. About service THE FOLLOWING ARE THE ACCOUNT TYPES WE ARE SELLING (THERE ARE OTHER ACCOUNT TYPES IF YOU NEED): ✅ BM 0 NOLIMIT : 20$ ✅ BM 5 NOLIMIT ...
  8. jeanfrank

    My ads trash!

    Let me show my trash ads: one Hmmm there is no person who add the item to cart with more than 20 dollars. See, the CTR is also great, right? Two When I increased the budget, boom!!! The ROAS is a piece of shit! I don't know how to do even if I tried many methods to increase the ROAS.
  9. CyberXrays

    facebook ads

    Is Facebook ad good? some time ago, I run Facebook ads. It really increase my site traffic and many visited my site. But no one contact me to buy the software. So are these real?
  10. sunbros

    Which Facebook ad format works best for physical products?

    Each niche and marketing budget is unique, but when it comes to selling physical products on Facebook, which ad format has worked best for you? Do you prefer using single images, carousels, or videos in your creatives?
  11. Hard niche camp going stable!

    Hard niche camp going stable!

    One in many stable camps from our clients with BH product.
  12. N

    (Crypto) Facebook Ad Policy and Creative

    It's have been painful experience for the past few days now. I have try to submit a black hat ads on Facebook and the result is always the same thing. Ad was rejected because of this; 1. Circumventing Systems 2. Unacceptable business practices The creative used was Elon Musk picture and some...
  13. kurosaki4d

    Facebook is Not spending money on my Adsets

    Hello, A couple of weeks ago I launched a "Lead Campaign". It brought me hundreds of leads daily, each Adset had inside over 20 interests. So in order to improve my 1% CTR, i decided to put 1 interest in each adset, to see which interests perform the best. When I did put each interest in...
  14. L

    I created Facebook Ad but don’t know how to publish to facebook page feed

    Hey does anyone here has this issue? I am new in this but when i create fb ads (dark posts) i want them also to be published in my facebook page feed 2- also I don’t know why but I cannot edit the age in ads manager, it says maximum age i can choose is 25
  15. mmoguru

    Need Facebook/ Google ADs partner

    If you have ROAS>3 ecommerce campaigns, please contact us. We provide ads accounts and website. You just need to manage the campaigns. Please contact us if you are interested. Thanks.
  16. Paabl0

    $30/day Through Media Buying?

    I'm considering earning $30 USD daily through media buying while promoting CPA and Affiliate Offers. My starting budget is $500 USD. Is this sufficient to begin? Should I opt for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Media Buying Sites to start my journey? What do you recommend for someone just starting...
  17. karlochi

    Ongoing lead generation promotion (AI)

    Im testing Facebook AI campaigns that are making custom ads where they use your content and make your ads without your input. I didnt touched nothing (not even audience) and just let it go to see will Facebook make better results then me. My question is if someone else tried this method can...
  18. Peter Turner

    Managed Ads Services - **Google Ads** & **Meta Ads**

    Skype : https://join.skype.com/invite/odPXuSiUrOK6 Telegram : https://t.me/peterturnerbhw
  19. R

    Google Adword Ad Accounts and Facebook Ad Accounts for Sale

    Welcome to our ad account service! We offer real aged accounts with old campaigns for sale at great discounts for bulk buyers. Facebook accounts cost: $100 – 2 years aged, geo USA. Google ad account cost package 1: $349 – one year old accounts | Geo – USA, Philippines, Europe, India. These ad...
  20. mrFabulous

    YouTube ads vs Instagram ads. which one is better for new accounts?

    Which one is more cost effective YouTube Ads or Instagram Ads? Which one offer lower CPC?
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