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Exchange: My Amazon authority site for your Adsense site

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by Tothefarend, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Tothefarend

    Tothefarend Newbie

    Dec 11, 2013
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    Here´s my proposition, as I´m about to jump off the Amazon train:

    I´ve had an Amazon affiliate-site for just shy of a year. The site was set up nicely by a BHW member, articles were done by me. I bought two (quite shitty, unfortunately) SEO services right away, also delivered by BHW players. One provider never delivered the promised report, the other one tried to juice my rankings with porn links and similar niche-related (yeah right) commenting. Anyway, as I soon forgot about the site it actually made some bucks “on its own”. I did take the time to produce some decent content for the site, which resulted in these numbers for 2013:


    Q1: 281
    Q2: 969
    Q3: 574
    Q4: 95
    Jan. so far: 2

    Ordered items:

    Q1: 9
    Q2: 26
    Q3: 38
    Q4: 2


    Q1: 3.44 USD
    Q2: 69.90 USD
    Q3: 82.56 USD
    Q4: 3.27 USD

    As you can clearly see, my ignorance towards SEO and me not updating the site at all, has probably affected the rankings negatively. I believe the site could gain ranking and earn a lot more if SEO-ed properly and updated with some new articles & perhaps activate the real comments (last time I checked there were some 30k comments awaiting approval, probably 99.9% spam).

    Personally I´ve had it with Amazon fees and the automatically applied customs charges when I order something (I´m European), hence my new focus on Adsense. I did consider transforming it into an Adsense site, but my content is extremely targeted towards Amazon and therefore rewriting it would require more work than I bother putting into it.

    So my proposition is to swap my Amazon site for your Adsense site. I do not require any high earners, yet it would be fair to expect an already earning site with at least a few live months. I would prefer a site that has not been or soon will be sentenced to Death by Google due to tons of crappy backlinks puked out from cost effective services.

    The domain is .com, authority minded within its niche and also aged if my memory serves me correct. I recently updated the hosting for another year (shared, Hostdone), but the domain is set to expire end of January.

    WP platform. 20 keywords are targeted.

    More information offered in private to those interested.

    Due to my newbie status I can´t pm, so please leave an email address for communication purposes.