Email List of Popular iOS Android Game


Jul 2, 2013
Hello guys i have a list of 100k Emails from one of most popular iOS Android games. List is saved on my database and is growing daily.

List was build using form where users enter their email to receive special code on their email. After they enter email and submit it, their email gets saved on database and they got sent email with the code.

Could you suggest me some monetization options? Never did email marketing before. And how do i sent emails so they dont get in spam folder? Any help would be nice.

Thank you :)
Put together some guide and lock it with a content locker is the easiest option.
Offer solo services.

i.e let people send a solo email to your list for $99 or something.

Or Join mobile CPA networks and promote mobile pay per install games/apps.
Nice idea! Going to try to build a list through my android apps, do you think is a good idea???
Any ideas how to Not get into spam folder? And is this list good. Like its not opted in
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i would email them and ask them to signup for game discounts, then send them to some CPA download mechanism
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