email address

  1. U

    Looking to buy email addresses google my business will approve for reviews

    So far all the email addresses I bought and tried to put reviews with, You can't see the reviews and it's not working. I'm looking for email addresses that works for google my business reviews. Thanks
  2. D

    I need comcast email address

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a valid comcast email address with login access, everything set up so I can use as fast as possible. DM me with price. I can buy 2-3 at least Thanks!
  3. B

    Using Free Solo Ads more than once

    Hello, I`m rephrasing an older question I`ve put here on the forum. If I use a Free Solo Ads provider to test it`s email list and I do that to multiple solo ads providers until the free testing that they offer is gone(say one solo ads provider offers 5000 emails). If I want to do business...
  4. P

    How much are email addresses worth?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how much email addresses are worth nowadays. I run a adult website with the option to create an account with email address. About 7500 have shared their email address. I know this answer has been on BHW before, but they are quite dated.
  5. magicjones

    Do email links give link juice? ([email protected])

    Because many profile sites nofollow your website but your email does not have that nofollow tag.
  6. xRex

    how to make money Email list from extractor?

    Hello .. I have a little question ... I see tools woman with e-mails list get through blogs / forum / .. I have before smtp2go or something me to make acc and then anmailen people ... is that Good?
  7. S

    Suggest me Email Marketing software to send Email in Bulks

    Please Suggest me Some best Email Marketing software in cheap to send Email in Bulks?
  8. Mr. Grinder

    My laser targeted Niche related fresh list + you inbox them = lets make some hot cake

    so i am looking for a partner who can hit at least 60-75% inbox rate of my list with some amazing cpa offer or clickbank products or some adult stuff whatever we send . i can able to provide 100k to 150k list perday in targeted niche (any niche) your job is just clean them and make sure you...
  9. J

    Send 10-30k emails

    Hi Guys. so i have a couple scraped email lists. each list contains around 10-30k emails and all email lists are in different niches. So i want to monetize these lists and the best way i came up with is affiliate marketing. So the biggest issue i see is the spam folders. Its so hard to not get...
  10. kave

    [FREE GIVEAWAYS] Acute Email IDs Production Engine Email (USA Lists)

    Acute Email IDs Production Engine Email Lists For Everyone no requirements USA Lists You Can Chose Gmail Or Yahoo avg emails in one list is 2500, everyone gets a new fresh list Cheers Guys.
  11. B

    Warming up Qualified Email Marketing Leads

    Hey Guys, Hate to beat dead horse as I'm sure this question has been asked before .. Can't seem to find a thread in search that matches with specifics my situation. I have a qualified list of email leads from a previous project that have purchased a similar product to the one I am...
  12. George_91

    Need suggestions about a new project.

    Hello, I am building a new service through which a user can get hundreds of thousands of email address with their own domains. We would launch this service as mail receive only though. It will provide api for developers so that they can integrate this service with other apps. Example: automatic...
  13. A

    Using one email address for multiple web 2.0

    Hello BHW members! Noob here. I was wondering if the email ID associated with Web 2.0 blogs matter? For example, am I likely to get blacklisted or hit in some way if I use one email ID ([email protected], for example) to create accounts in Blogger,, Tumblr etc.,? Would it be better to...
  14. Geth_Prime

    Possible to create an email address without having a website?

    Hi, I just bought a few domains. I'm just wondering whether if I can just create an email address without needing a hosting profile. For example, I bought a domain name from namecheap, let it park there, and sign up for an smtp, while verifying doing and spf settings. Thanks.
  15. charmtolucky

    Contact Details of Individuals

    Hi BHW members, I am just wondering if there is any way to get the large number of customers at a specific location? I need: First and Last Name Phone number email address. Anyone here, please help. Say for Irvine, for a particular city or zip code, i need these details.
  16. robby

    Need a Genuine bulk email Marketer .

    Hello members We are running successful software products and mainly generating our traffic from organic and social media . Now we want to step into bulk email marketing .so anyone having good experiences and have good lists of emails all over the globe should talk PS; Skype - uditchopra1...
  17. F

    Email list

    In need of an email list. Looking for an expert to collect Emails that are VALID, NON-BOUNCE,SPAMTRAPS, FRESH, TARGETED (more information will be provided). I am not looking for email list resellers. The data has to be FRESH. Please PM me if you have a solution or any suggestions. Thanks!
  18. W

    email campaign

    hello I have a list of emails and would like to send a massive campaign. I have HTML and everything, just need an anonymous sender and a platform. who can help me? thanks
  19. nkr188

    Android App Developers Email List

    If you are in looking for Android mobile app developers with email lists. I collected these listings from Google Play directory website. All details are public information so you can safely contact and connect with the mobile app companies. You don't need to manually search on the internet for...
  20. G

    Want to buy: Email Lists - USA Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Contractors etc

    Hi, I want to buy a pre-cleaned email lists of home professionals such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, landscapers, pest control businesses located in the USA. List must be less than 1 year old. If you own such a list or are willing to scrape one for me, I am willing to pay for...
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