email marketer

  1. V

    We have email marketing setup + Need content and data

    We can send 100k-200k cold emails daily with 70-80% inboxing and it costs me daily 250usd to send 100k emails I need somebody who knows how to earn a decent income from Email sending . Need Targeted data, content and guidance. We can make a team and I can generate revenue for both of us. Send...
  2. W

    Hire Expert Virtual Assistants at $4/Hour -- Highly Skilled & Super Efficient VAs‍ -- Native English Speakers Ready to Assist!➡️➡️

    Hey BHW, I would like to introduce you all to our Virtual Assistant service. We are a team of highly efficient & dedicated Virtual Assistants for all your needs. We are here to provide exceptional service at a rate of $4 per hour. Are you struggling to manage tasks, juggle priorities, and...
  3. H

    Best email provider for mass emails?

    Which service would allow me to send unlimited emails without banning me? I have a few thousand email addresses and would like to send them my affiliate link. I don't mind if it goes into the spam folder, but I need a reliable provider who doesn't complain at every turn, delete my account and so on
  4. Moonshots

    [WTB] Email Automation Software

    It must exist but I cannot find it :-/ I need to warm up emails for marketing (same as an email warmup site like so I am looking for software for myself. Software needs to do the following: Open Email Move to folder Reply Any ideas would be highly appreciated Cheers
  5. B

    What is the best cold mailing tool available in the market?

    Hi, I want to do B2B cold emailing. But even after months of research, I could not find the right tool. I have to send about 1,000 emails per day. Earlier I got configured some SMTP servers but they could not last even for a month, and some of them were not delivering the emails. All suggestions...
  6. A

    WTB - email spam gateway

    I need a gateway with a web dashboard that I can top up with bitcoin which would equate to account balance. Then use the balance to send out emails and hit inbox at a set rate (for example: 0.002/per email sent out...) or something where I can pay monthly and send up to a certain amount per day...
  7. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your B2C Email List, My Monetization

    Do you have a B2C email list that you feel could be better monetized? If so then perhaps I can help you? I prefer USA B2C lists. Split 50/50 on the profits my efforts bring. If this interests you please pm me with the details of your list and I will see if I can help you make more money with it.
  8. A

    How to scrape Email accounts for Email marketing .

    HI Guys Im looking to scrape email and send affiliate offers to Email .How to collect or scrape more emails accounts. Affiliate marketer share ideas it helpful for me.
  9. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] How You Can Get 80%+ Open Rates on B2C eMails Using Facebook Leads…

    So, you have your Facebook B2C email list, but how do you get your emails opened? The average B2C email open rate is 15%-25%. But there are tricks you can use to increase this. By following the approach below I can usually get 70%-80%+ open rates. Make sure your email list is opt-in...
  10. S

    How to find email marketers to promote your product/ebook

    Hi, I am currently writing an ebook that could cover the general audience on personal development. I would like to find email marketers where I would create an affiliate link for each and they could email to their list. I am not willing to pay any advance just like to give an affiliate...
  11. Jameson Ames

    Email Marketer/Lead Generation

    I am looking for someone who can generate email leads and also do email marketing. I want someone who is able to understand ips, open rate, spamlist, and other factors. Pay between $5-$15/hr
  12. R

    Mailchimp Loophole Question

    Help needed Finding Mailchimp - FREE PLAN LOOP HOLE Question: How to Automatically Set Unsubscribe Audience to Subscribed to Send them 1 more email. My problem: I have a series of email I need to send my buyers once every year but I get new buyers everday so I send them thank you emails and...
  13. Runitt

    Seeking email marketing service for mass emails.

    Hey whats up everyone! Not sure if this is the right section for this. Recently came across a list on here that I would like to try and market to via email. The only problem it is 10,000+ emails and would require me to pay a hefty price to use a service like Mailchimp or SendGrid. Not only...
  14. H

    build email list via web contact form.Does this method work?

    I contact people via web contact form, then lead them to Squeeze page, they will be redirected to offer page. Does this method work?Any suggestion? Thanks, Goff
  15. E

    I scraped the emails of 20,000 college students. What the hell do I do now?

    Hello BHW, So two years ago I scraped the emails of 20,658 students from two large Universities in Texas (they've since added this CAPTCHA prerequisite which renders my code useless,) and I don't really know what to do with this list. I hear that such an email list is valuable but am not...
  16. noxiop

    Can I Talk To An "Email Marketer"

    I am looking to have a discussion with a person who has a lot of experience with email marketing. Mostly mass email marketing, contact gathering, or anything else you guys have thought up for intelligent email strategies (I would imagine there are a lot ways people make money from this.) I...
  17. Harnur

    Clickbank + Email Marketing.......ANYONE....?

    I have certain questions to ask... Please answer them, it wud be of great help for my online business:- 1. do you sell only 1 product in your email autoresponder campaign? 2. what traffic source do you use? 3. How do you segregate list?, cuz Clickbank doesn't provide the emails of those who...
  18. F

    Elastic Email / Deliverability / Inbox Rate

    Hey fam, I have read countless threads and am considering Elastic Email as an EMS for sending messages to a fully cleaned, non opt-in B2B list. Many of the threads, however, are aged, and I'm hoping to get answers from someone who has recently used them. Has anybody used them within the past...
  19. 80085

    Self hosted email options and questions

    First of all, I apologize if this is not the correct forum for email marketing, but I could not find a more appropriate category and when I searched "email marketing" all previous posts were in White Hat SEO. Admins please feel free to move this post if necessary. Over the last 5 years I've...
  20. Harnur

    Any EMAIL Marketing Expert in BHW forum...?

    I want to add a 24 hours countdown time(for discount offer) in my email. And the Same timer will be placed in my sales page(of the website). since I am using auto-responder, I send this discount email on the 6th day of my email campaign. But how do i CLOSE and START this discount offer on...
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