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    Jul 29, 2016
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    Nice day. For some time I began a journey with IG to start a brand and learn about this area, then from I strive to maintain a constant pace I have managed to grow niche, now I want to start selling content using my niche as a bridge to potential customers, I want to offer videos, photos... But I have a problem with this, initially wanted to send content through e-mail, but discard this possibility since I have a very bad internet connection. Now I would like to use a download manager (MEGA...) so my customers can obtain their material, I would like to as experience recommend me one or more, taking into account that every download makes me a payment and I avoid that content be disseminated or used by others. I think of placing a key to the file and give time to the customer to then change the key that allows you to download, but this is only a supposition, not be as well seen or viable is, since I don't want to appear to have low quality to my clients.