Double The Speed of Your Website [Tutorial]


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Nov 18, 2009
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I've made a blog post on how to improve the load speed of your website, my site was around average and I was able to half the time it took to load.

This tutorial is especially useful for speeding up WordPress: Double Site Speed Tutorial

Here is some shocking information on site speed;

  • loading time is one of the main contributing factors to page abandonment? And that for every 1 second delay in page response results in a total of a 7% reduction in conversions?
To put this into perspective a site making $500 a day will loose out on $12,500 a year.

Sites that take ages to load do affect SEO (Says Google) however most sites will not be affected.

Some of the basics of what I've done is:

  1. Enable Caching
  2. Minimize HTTP Requests
  3. Optimize Images
  4. Compress Sites with Gzip
  5. Use a CDN

Any questions I would be glad to help.

(To Mods, I couldn't find any section more appropriate to put it in, sorry if its in the wrong section, please feel free to move it.)
have issues dealing with CDN setup. can u explain more?
CDN's are pretty simple, what CDN are you trying to use? which part are you stuck at?

Personally I use ClourFlare which is free, it acts as a DNS. a CDN will automatically copy files from your site.
I've also had pretty good success with w3tc plugin (w3 total cache), as mentioned in the OP's article. Good to see some other ways to help speed things up, I will give it a try.
If there is one thing you should do, It's install W3 Total Cache, from a minute of your time, improve page speed and reduce your bandwidth considerably, have to be careful with the settings you use, I'm going to have to test through minify, if I use the standard settings for it the CSS in my site doesn't load.
Yeah the settings are really important. It is a complex plugin. However, I also have had some problems with it modifying the .htaccess file of my webhost account when I update the plugin, resulting in ALL of my sites going down until I found the culprit. Now, I backup the .htaccess before updating w3tc.
It also doesn't play well with every plugin, so pay attention when you install it for compatibility issues.
Anyways, other than some added complexity, it is a really quick way to speed up your sites. I put it on every new site I make.
I'll keep that in mind for when I update, I panicked when the CSS went as I just spent the whole day writing that post, so do I :D

Has no one else tried it?
Thank you very much, that's another useful thread, shame mine didn't get quite as good of a response :p
ljt3759 , u did a good job for sharing .... i had learned useful tips from your thread. good job and thanks
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