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Don't Do That Unless You Want To Be Banned.

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by dont.farm, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. dont.farm

    dont.farm Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Marketplace seller

    Feb 6, 2019
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    Hi guys!

    We have found this article in internet, and definitely recommend it for everyone,
    who work with BH advertising over FB. These tips still works nowadays and will help you to pass the review in order to start your blackhat campaign.
    For each of the violations listed below, Facebook puts a mark on your account. When the critical value is reached, your account is blocked.

    Policy Red Flags
    Business Manager Level
    • Payment method: failed payment
    • Use of fake profiles
      • In case you decide to use fake profiles (not recommended), have at least 3 profiles plugged into your Business Manager as a backup
    Ad Level
    • The ad must reference the fact that you are selling a product
      • You cannot promise that someone will be given an information presentation when in reality they are being sold a product
      • Show image of the product you are selling or mention the name of the product you are selling in your copy
    • Unsubstantiated, sensational & specific claims (especially in health / wealth niche)
      • Avoid absolutes & time frames; Never promise a certain result in a certain time frame (get X in Y time)
      • Example:
        • This method can cure diabetes
        • Earn 10,000 USD as a business coach per month
        • Lose 7 pounds in 3 weeks
        • Homeowners will get $357 a month as a stimulus
    • Personal attributes
      • Stay away from the word “you”
      • Policy violations:
        • Are you in debt?
        • Do you consider your waistline as one of your problem?
      • Policy compliant:
        • Individuals who don’t have life insurance should read this
        • Are waistlines a problem area?
    • Keyword penalties
      • Be careful with “aggressive” words in your ads trigger a red flag
      • Example:
        • Fat
        • Weight loss
        • Make money online
      • Important: Keyword penalties on fanpage level (e.g. credit, weight loss)
    • 20% text rule can lead delivery issues
    • Avoid clickbait language
      • Example:
        • Learn about this new revolutionary method
        • Learn about this secret
        • World-renown doctor reveals his secret trick to […]
    • Fake comments with fake accounts on ads to increase relevance score
    • Image recognition
      • If ad is too similar to other scam advertisers, you’ll get banned
    Post Click Experience (Landing Page)
    • Unsubstantiated, sensational & specific claims
      • Example:
        • With this eBook you can cure diabetes in 4 weeks
    • Clickbait language
      • Example:
        • Health problems
        • Shocking
        • Revolutionary
        • Breakthrough
    • VSL
      • Encourage user having control over videos / VSLs
        • No autoplay
        • Player control: play, pause, fast forward & rewind
        • Disclose video duration; user must be able to see how long the video is
      • The landing page cannot have only the VSL on it; it must contain product information. The user must be able to determine what product is being sold without having to watch the VSL
      • Headline above the VSL must reference the product, not a sensational claim
      • Important: better ads & landing pages give you more freedom in the VSL
    • Fake count-time clocks
      • Clocks that start counting down when a user first visits a page and then returns to the full time when the page is refreshed
    • Fake limited inventory counter
    • Pop-ups (“trapping elements”)
      • Exit pop-ups on the first step of the funnel
      • Ok on second step of the funnel
    • Privacy policy & terms in footer; disclaimer if necessary
    • Discount: not more than 50%
    • Advertorials
      • Advertorials cannot look like third party wrote the article (e.g. newsletter, independent media, blog article, review)
        • “Content for product related pages should not be written in a way that misleads the user to believe that the content was written by an objective third party”
        • No byline with date, author name, city, etc. that is commonly associated with news releases
      • Clickbait language
      • Not permitted in the healthy industry and are a discouraged tactics in all other industries
    Offer Level
    • Avoid critical niches
    • Flagged offers
    Post Conversion Experience
    • Offer match
      • Does the product the user receives match what they were promised in the ad and on the landing page?

    P.S. In case you have questions do not hesitate to ask us here and we would gladly to assist.

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  2. Festinger

    Festinger Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Feb 27, 2014
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    Download Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins @
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    If this is not your article, or tips, it is nicely to mention the source. ;)
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  3. dont.farm

    dont.farm Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Marketplace seller

    Feb 6, 2019
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    ah, sorry.

    In the file, there was source: getwsodo.com
    It's the website with some courses and other stuff about internet marketing :)
  4. dykapix

    dykapix BANNED BANNED

    Jul 31, 2019
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    Thanks for sharing.