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  1. PapaCamel

    [☁️ CamelCloud] FB CLOUD ACCOUNTS | High Trust | High Limits | + Premium Tools

    - Ad accounts, Profiles, Fan Pages, BM's also sold separately on our website! - Hi BHW Members! Are you looking for strong accounts for advertising on Facebook? Look no further! We provide high trust accounts the help you reach your goals faster and more profitable! Not only that, we provide...
  2. xneet

    How Can I Use My Fb Monthly Invoicing Account?

    Hey guys I got fb Invoicing ads account but I don't know to use it I am not in ecom and ads game can you suggest me to best use of it?
  3. clo.king

    What's important than CLOAKING to promote CPA offer?

    Some people think that just because they are cloaking their offer link or their store link, it means that they are ready to receive leads and sales! The fact is that the easiest thing in the cloaking process is to cloak the link, and there are many more things needed to make the process work...
  4. I

    Facebook Multiple BM's Account / Domain Structure Question

    Hey everyone - I'm currently running a brand in a higher risk category in FB's eyes (weight loss). I am in the process of getting multiple BMs via MLA / proxies but had a two questions regarding BM account structures and domains. For clarification, it's not BH, but we use more aggressive...
  5. S

    We need a person who will teach you how to set up NFT ads on Facebook

    We need a person who will teach you how to set up NFT ads on Facebook. There are problems with the launch of advertising, there are no conversions, advertising does not pay off. We need a person who will help set up from the very beginning to profit. Payment will be discussed immediately.
  6. D

    FB Ads for Online gambling in Indonesia

    Hi, I'm running campaign for online gambling in Indonesia, I saw some of the advertising can last more than a month, Why my ads only last around a week while others can up to more than a month? I tried using cloaking, and doesn't really do much for fb ads (instead it's good for tiktok)
  7. opscurus

    Buying personal Facebook accounts for ads

    Hey fellas, currently running ads but to be safe don't want to upload & manage ads from my own Facebook account. So I'm thinking to buy someones personal Facebook account + use Incognition + static residential proxy, then use that set up to upload / manage ads, and if it gets banned it won't be...
  8. R

    Lead Generation on Facebook?

    Hello everyone, I'm about to run an ad for home improvement lead generation, it includes : Roofing, Flooring and Solar Energy panels installations, quotes etc on Facebook. It'd be a lead generation ad targeting people who need home improvement services, collecting emails, name, address, phone...
  9. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ FACEBOOK – Easily Choose Facebook Winning Products, Insanely Boost Your ROAS and Discover How to Get $5 CPA! (Looking for Beta Testers)

    PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t want to get an unfair advantage on Facebook advertising, don’t take part in this beta test! Discover how to easily pick winning products to sell through Facebook ads, How to insanely boost your ROAS and get $5 CPA's! I am currently writing an in-depth guide. One of...
  10. R

    Affiliate offer + Facebook ads

    Hello, Which offers works best for Facebook ads? Let it be CPL or CPA, I'm looking for a niche and after selecting one, I'll go all the way into that particularl niche, so first question is should i go for CPL or CPA offers? And which offers are the best in any of them? I was thinking to try...
  11. H

    Best fb media buying course ? (intermidiate-expert)

    Hello, im looking for recommendation : best fb ads course for ecom/digital products Thanks in advance
  12. M

    Help: Unable to exclude Countries in FB ads

    Hi all I have a Facebook ad running - I am targeting London in the UK only and also targeting only english language speakers. However I am finding that 95% of my engagement and leads are from eastern Europeans who can't speak english. Now I understand that london has tons of people who are from...
  13. R

    Method For CPA

    Hello everyone! So I've been trying to find methods for CPA for about 3-4 months now, I've read many many threads and learnt alot too, thanks to all the experts out there =) So the question is I'm looking for only one authentic and good method now, that I'm only gonna focus on now from today...
  14. R

    Affiliate marketing with FB ads

    I'm thinking to promote keto offers (CPA) and some CPL offer on Facebook. I've tried posting on Facebook groups for both keto and CPL offers but nothing worked. So, I'm thinking to move on to FB ads, but I've no idea how the FB ads works. My target would be USA audience for both keto offers and...
  15. summi

    Looking for master/visa card provider app for Facebook promotion

    I manage multiple BM account in a week spend $10k plus a day looking for company which provide visa/master card against our deposit amount. One of my friend using this. But he not guide me. I am sure in market this kind of facility available. Thanks
  16. L

    Facebook verification requirement for pages affect running Facebook Ads?

    So facebook notified me that I need to verify my account for page publishing. So if i'm an admin of an fb page & run ads & don't verify, does that stop me from running ads for the page? https://fbtutorial.com/facebook-now-requires-page-publishing-authorization-by-page-owners/ ^this doesn't...
  17. H

    Looking for a great growth hacker to accelerate growth

    Hi, This is a part time, flexible, remote job. We run a profitable Online Speech Therapy business in the US. We're looking for an experienced growth hacker highly skilled in operating multiple marketing channels that can work on his own to launch and execute marketing campaigns. Work from...
  18. livelybrowser

    All-In-One Solution for Running Facebook Ads on Personal Ads Manager

    Dear Friends, We had been working on Facebook since 2009, selling lots of our Facebook software and accounts. Here is our oldest Facebook software sales thread which was posted on Nov 4, 2009...
  19. Facebook BM

    My FB Ads Scale-Your Product

    I'm looking for one or more partners with highly profitable products, someone struggling with FB ads, Requirements: You have a history of scaling 10k $ at least 1 day on FB ads, and show it to me. =) Make big profits together and don't have to worry about ad accounts or Facebook.
  20. googlebis

    Question for facebook ads targetting pros...

    I want to promote a birthday gift with FB ads... I want to target people who have a family member or friend and want to do happy birthday for them... I want to use facebook ads specifically because i have a made a video and i'm hoping it will get some shares because my budget is pretty low...