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Dont be stupid, rank youtube comments in long terms

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by imm088, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. imm088

    imm088 Registered Member

    Dec 26, 2012
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    Hey mates this is my first share.I think this method its pretty obvious but i see too many people starting threads about the new G+ commenting on YT.

    So take some of my shit community

    Step 1 - Pick a niche
    Step 2 - Create G+ page of that niche
    Step 3 - Search communities in your niche
    Step 4 - Post your photos, videos, quotes etc and gain followers
    Step 5 - When you have some followers share them the niche video you wanna spam your link along with your shit.
    Boom natural likes and comments from G+ appear in youtube and rank your comment.It works pretty well in my niche(kinda porn)But i guess it may or may not work for everyone.It works for me.

    Extra Shits
    Use # tags
    Free relevant backlinks form YT(no follow(whocares))
    I love new youtube commenting system why so hate?
    You can also post the video with your link in the communities but its not reccomented cause admins flag as spam.
    You get followers in your niche
    Dont post same video with your link too many times cause they auto flaged as spam and need aprooval from uploader.
    I love weed man
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