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Does submitting a new sitemap drop your rankings?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Yasar pervaiz, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Yasar pervaiz

    Yasar pervaiz Newbie

    Jan 6, 2018
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    Didn't know what to do so came running to BHW. I have had all in one seo sitemap on my website for the past 3 years and about a week ago I noticed the sitemap plugin of all in one seo was not working. I tried everything to generate a sitemap but nothing. So like an idiot I deactivated the site map of the plugin and downloaded a new plugin called Google XML Sitemap Plugin for wordpress (Which had very good ratings and reviews and had been downloaded a large number of times).

    When I generated the sitemap with the new plugin I noticed a difference. This site map actually only generated my total number of posts and pages plus categories which I thought great because the previous sitemap I was using would generate a sitemap with about 3000+ URL and most of them were URLS for images. Anyways I was happy that the new sitemap would help with duplicate content.

    After one day of the new sitemap I noticed everything was just fine and dandy on my google webmasters part no more errors with the site map and everything had been indexed. But when I checked my google analytics I noticed a drastic drop in traffic. I have a 50% drop in traffic today.

    So my question is has this happened to anyone else here and if so how long it took to regain ranks and traffic. Was it right on my part to submit a new working sitemap instead of just leaving the old error sitemap that was not generating anything sitemap at all.

    Ive searched online and most answers said submitting a new sitemap does not drop traffic but it has for me.

    Another thing I noticed was that when I go to google search and type site:mysite.com the indexed pages # is fluctuating drastically as well it showed 1350 once and then after a few hours it showed 2850. Is this normal when you submit a new sitemap from a different plugin.