1. dinokrizty

    Need Help For My Website ( Try To earn Some Dollars In Website )

    Hey Buddies I need help tpo index my articles to google and to improve website.. i have 85 Articles but indexed only 23 pages.. i try to earn some dollars on website.. please support me for this.. I Need Earn Some Dollers Like You.. main Problem - Articles Not index :weep: * All Articles...
  2. Turbo B.

    Looking for good indexing service

    Looking for good indexing service to index single URL. More about it:
  3. BigBlackPoodle

    Best Indexing Tool

    As title states, looking for any kind of recommendations for indexing tools since GSC only lets me do 10 requests/day. I'm using OmegaIndexer now, but have considered using IndexMeNow. Does anyone have any recommendations/advice?
  4. MadsDK

    [HELP] New Website Doesn't Rank After Geographical Expansion

    Hello lovely people! I decided 2-3 months ago to expand my business to another country with the same brand and website design. I did this by duplicating the original website to a new domain, translating everything, and hiring a freelancer to proofread the website. The new website is connected...
  5. R

    Hey Guys, can anyone help me? Should I use rel="noindex nofollow noopener or rel="nofollow noopener, to noindex a pdf on my page?

    So, I have seen an error on my search console that a few pages are not indexing due to presence of this tag (rel="noindex nofollow noopener). I have used these tags to noindex a particular pdf on my page. Here is the page link - [edited by a mod] Now this tag (rel="noindex nofollow noopener) is...
  6. Alphaman77


    I have been facing this error for three to four days now, I have removed and reinstalled the robots.txt file but still the same issue is coming in GSC, can someone help me with this issue. (New Website) thanks
  7. M

    Indexing Method

    Without any boring intros.... Here's how to index third party links (url) on google. 1. Go to any traffic exchange site (I use like4like) 2. Add the url you want to index to Website visits section 3. Make sure the session is 100 seconds or above 4. After about 270 visits with low bounce...
  8. AzizPro

    [Looking] Instant Index Service

    Is there anyone providing instant index service for cpa niche? Fell free to dm.
  9. edericoski

    Index problem of blog posts I published

    Hi, I have a question. I have a blog post published on my website (replica product e-commerce site) every 3 days. Some of the blog posts I publish are indexed and then I see that they are not indexed. Such as, a content I published 1.5 weeks ago is removed from the index, then it comes back...
  10. SashaPavelMisha

    Hiding real URLs from people, only Google can know...

    Hi i am not sure if this is cloaking or what? I want to give google 1 set of URLs, and for everyone else - another set, for same pages, just slightly adjusted. for example, Google sees /index5.html while others get /index/5.html - just a tiny bit different. i know people can see what's indexed...
  11. M

    How to Index Looker Studio

    Anyone has successful attempt to index a google looker Studio page? How do you index them? Do I need to connect looker studio to GSC in order to get my looker pages indexed? How to do it?
  12. T

    Table of contents got indexed - sudden huge position drop | How To Solve It?

    Hi there. Last week my website's table of contents section got indexed, and at the same time (June 13), I started to see huge position drops. When I check GSC, it shows multiple "/#elementor-toc__heading-anchor-X" URLs for the exact keywords, and all of them get clicks/impressions. If I...
  13. SEO Duke

    Need Help Getting Posts Indexed

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted in almost a year in my website, but I recently started posting articles again. However, they have not been indexed by search engines. I have tried force indexing and social shares, but that didn't work. I am looking for advice on how to get my posts indexed and...
  14. Norman_drey

    Google indexing only my homepage

    Google index only my homepage instead of my post page, If I search for a keyword it shows my website name instead of the keyword I searched Something like this
  15. L

    I have Backlinks in GSC that are not cached and indexed

    Hello everyone, I have backlinks from PBN's that are in my GSC but are not cached or indexed using cache: and site: This does not make sense to me, I thought they had to be indexed for Google to link them to my website and how can they be in the GSC if they are not indexed? If anyone can...
  16. jonessaha

    Google news index

    Hello i need to know how to index backlinks using my fresh google news approved website (widget section) - new domain - google news approved - da - still 0 unfortunately - backlinks - 5 till now I want to know how to index backlinks using the google news approved website - my website articles...
  17. I

    How to make an article index faster?

    Is there any tactis one can use to help Google find a new article faster? I'm talking about an article on a blogging web 2.0 website (isn't own by the author, so Google Search Console is useless.) Would love to learn from you guys. Thanks!
  18. onlinework

    Is Bing a joke?

    3 years old website, whitehat, clean backlink background (all natural), monetized with Adsense, great user experience and all of a sudden the bot decided to remove it from the index. Or it had been reported by the competitors idk. When I inspect the url is just show url can be indexed...
  19. M

    Why are my YouTube videos not Indexing on YouTube ?

    So recently I created 4 new YouTube channels in different niches to attempt to build up different YT channel Ideas I have been thinking about. I have not used YT for uploading in years before this. Anyway my first two channels everything was fine and each new video would basically index on...
  20. Xuan1233

    How to index backlink google sheet, google drive?

    I check the competitor's site and see that they have created a Google Stacking suite that includes backlinks from google doc, google sheet and google drive. And all indexed. I tried to create but don't understand how to index that Google sheet link. Is there any way or tool to force index link...
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