Does Social Sahring really hurt?

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    As it is crucial in current scenario to get lot of social shares pocking back to website to get high ranks along traffic. but I just came across a situation where social sharing really hurts however people believes social sharing is an energy to boost traffic and rankings. It seems like most of the social networks are keen to ban websites nowadays including facebook, twitter, reddit, stumbleupon and pinterest. I will specifically talk about pinterest.

    I have been using pinterest for CB products. pinning on most of the niche targeted major boards, including my URLs in the pins and then redirecting them with a 301 plugin to send them to original product landing page. I noticed if users flag any pin then the domain itself gets ban on pinterest and new URL wont work. luckily I always use a throw away domain to use this trick so it wont harm my original websites. but my point is... will this whole idea collapse once all the social networks tighten this, specially when there are lot of SEO services offering social signals, wont be a dangerous scenario to outsource it, are we moving towards the end of social media spamming, are we heading towards the death of internet marketing through social media ?