Does Clickbank Ban Certain Spam Referrals?

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    I have two websites promoting the same Clickbank affiliate product, each using the same Clickbank ID but different tracking ID's so that I can compare sales from each.

    Site 1 ranks organically in Google and makes several sales per week.

    Site 2 gets traffic almost 99% from posts on the same set of high traffic forums... (several people post on these sites and we all make a little money every week, although our links occasionally get removed if the owner thinks they fall into the spam category.)


    Basically, Site 1 brings in consistent sales, but Site 2 sales periodically stop completely. Site 2 will average one sale per day for a period of 2 weeks, then go for one month without a single sale even though nothing has changed.

    My "sales form submit count" continues to rise normally, but no sales with that website's tracking id are credited. If I create a new Clickbank account and change hoplinks on Site 2 to reflect the new ID, sales suddenly start again.

    Does Clickbank block referrals from specific Clickbank IDs on specific websites if those IDs are reported on a site that "spams"? Thanks!
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