clickbank ban

  1. Bukunmi

    Create a clickbank account in blacklisted countries

    I hope this helps for whoever wants a clickbank account but can't open due to country restrictions.....and I hope this isn't against the rule of blackhat
  2. skizowapa

    clickbank vendor

    hello everyone, I will be vendor on CB next month but im worry that my ebook will be copied after downloads or sale :pokey: how to protect my product from this issue ?
  3. skizowapa

    clickbank sales

    hy guys! i have review site, 1 month a go, and i'm not receiving since this moment 1 organic search from google or bing? how can i increase organic search ? thank you
  4. tabish8612

    Clickbank Suspended my Account - Will I get my earning?

    Hi, Today is the darkest day of my life as clickbank suspended my affiliate account in which I have 5 figure balance. I know I did big mistake in putting all income into one account. I send ticket to their support but currently I don't have any idea what to do? Should I create new accounts...
  5. N

    Does Clickbank Ban Certain Spam Referrals?

    I have two websites promoting the same Clickbank affiliate product, each using the same Clickbank ID but different tracking ID's so that I can compare sales from each. Site 1 ranks organically in Google and makes several sales per week. Site 2 gets traffic almost 99% from posts on the same set...