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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by Biggles, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I've been looking at doing some directory submission for a site. I've found a few niche directories that have some PR and so look like they'd be good ones to submit to, rather than just anything and everything. However, several of them want a reciprocal link back, which is understandable.

    Thing is, the site has very few outbound links and I don't want to dilute that with 10 different links to directories. So my question is: If I add the directory link, submit my site and get it approved then later remove the link from my site, will I lose the link from the directory to me? In other words, do they check manually that I linked to them, or is it automated and they just pull my link if there's is gone?

    I don't mind maybe having one or two directory links, but I'd rather swap them out once I've got my own link in the directory.
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    Generally directory scripts have an automated tool for checking reciprocal links. Secondly reciprocal links are worthless, you would gain no benefit from the directory if you require to link to back to them.
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    It sounds like you had the right idea OP.

    Most directories automatically check for the recipricol URL when you submit, and pretty much from there nothing else.

    What I do is create a seperate page on my domain that I use solely for links like this - something like

    I make sure theres no links to or from this page from anywhere else inside my domain.

    Then I just pop a bunch of links in there as directories need them which gets me by the recipricol linking section of a dir submission page.

    I do know some directory templates have a script that will recheck these recipricol links and if they are taken down will remove them, but if a sites that crazy about their recip. links who really needs them.

    There are thousands of directories out there.

    After submission I remove all the recipricol links on my psuedo resource page as well.