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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Averium, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    Looking to see peoples thoughts and process on targeting their niche demographic.
    Specifically looking at the queries you are using and follow/unfollow per day.

    I'm currently sitting at 50+ gains which dropped from 200+ about 2 months ago...

    > Originally I was Following User's who are following another big account in my niche... Following User's who Comment on these and smaller accounts images.

    > Following around 700-900 people a day as well as unfollowing 700-900 people (after 7 days), every day.

    > Engagement wen't up which my account was lacking. However, the growth rate of my followers has dropped by 150.

    I'm curious. What are your queries for targeting your followers on Instagram.