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    Hi guys ,
    From time to time i will submit IM tips as from my experience so the noobs can learn a bit about marketing effectively.
    Sorry for my grammar , english is a 2nd language in my country.

    Today i will teach you how to do bookmarking faster with many Social Bookmarking sites.
    Social bookmarking is a very tedious way if you need to submit it manually.
    I am sure many people can't afford to buy bookmarking softwares to do this job.
    Let's get started:

    First open an account at Delicious ( you can use your yahoo email login ).

    For this account , you add your bookmark as usual by clicking the
    "Save a new bookmark" tab on the right.

    After this , got to "settings" and click on "Import / Upload Bookmarks".
    Save this file to your desktop.
    This is the example for the filename "delicious-20110302".

    Now go to each of the Social Bookmarking website below & register.
    ( I use these sites for bookmarking ):


    These websites have a function that you can import the bookmarks from delicious that we saved just now to desktop.

    Login to each website and search for "import" or "import bookmarks" tab and then upload the file from delicious that we saved to desktop.
    Very easy to do.
    By doing this , you save a lot of time instead of adding them one by one.
    I manage to import the file to all the above site in less than 20 minutes.

    Good luck and you can add your own Bookmarking sites which have the import function enabled in them.

    See you soon. :)
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