1. M

    Getting Shadow Banned on Bookmark Site

    I registered for which is a bookmark manager. Everytime I try to publish my own bookmark on my account or even share another user's bookmark, I get shadow banned. I get shadow banned by getting a 404 error page when I visit my own account. I changed my IP and the...
  2. Magnesium12

    Which are your bookmarks?

    Hi guys. I was looking for best guide or experience posts. Then i wanted to ask everyone for them. What's your beneficial bookmarks? Thanks for answers. I want to see especially old posts. The first is from me...
  3. Elisa77

    Bookmaking site?

    I want to create a bookmarking type website on wordpress, I just want to bookmark my other blog in it. This should show on homepage and if anyone clicks they will visit my other blog.
  4. ToughSeoX

    ToughSeoX - $15 ALL IN ONE SEO PACKAGE, 25 HQ PBN Posts | 25 Buffer Sites | 25 Profile Links | 25 Bookmarks

    REQUIREMENTS 1 URL AND UPTO 10 TARGETED KEYWORDS We Provide Full Backlinks Report With Login Details Of BUFFER WEBSITES. FAQ 1. What is your TAT? Ans: Usually between 3-5 days. 2. What is your Refund Policy? Ans: We'll offer full refunds if we fail to deliver within the mentioned TAT...
  5. J

    we are all puppets of time.

    time has its own pace but we can play with the energy. Guy's the last 7 minutes of the life your mind's go flashback whether it's good or bad all clicks on your brain and then you leave the human relm. Better do something good with your times guys time will not bare a second chance before...
  6. ggvbro

    bookmark popup possible?

    hey guys, i'm wondering if there is a way to make a popup windows to ask visitor to bookmark my website?? if it's possible how i can make it please ? thanks in advance :)
  7. berkay1907


    20 REVIEW COPIES FOR %50 OFF FULL REPORT WILL BE GIVEN TAT 7-14 DAYS CONTACT : [email protected] High DA Link Building On Big Web 2.0's, Article Sites, Video Sites, Image Sites, PDF Sites, Bookmark Sites Together With Social Media Sites Like Facebook,Twitter etc. Amazing Link Diversity...
  8. davewhite

    Need High DA Social Bookmarking websites

    I am new here in BHW. Just needed some High DA Bookmarking websites. Much appreciated in advance. Dave
  9. P

    When can you start with social signals and social bookmarking?

    Hi BHW Members, Iam in this position where i would like a big boost for my Youtube videos. Im making videos for youtube since 5 weeks from now and i got barely any views. My title, thumbnail, description and tags are all very well put together. I want to rank my videos for more views but the...
  10. S

    Get 1000 Visitors a Day (Traffic) from Twitter to Your Website: 8 Steps Guide

    Get Traffic to Websites Getting traffic to newly created websites is considered as a difficult task to perform. Web owners try and give their full efforts to bring some decent traffic to their websites. For this purpose, they do SEO, SEM, Social media optimization, Social sharing and many other...
  11. yassin lamtai

    100 views on the first day with YOUTUBE!

    Hi guys,Im starting a channel and today (1st day) im getting 1 subs and 100 views ! Im in the best way or not ? some instructions to increase this number ?
  12. dennyfar

    Creating Bookmark Thread

    Hello BHW, please create bookmark tool on thread, so we can easy to notice any important thread that we need to look at back sometimes. thank you
  13. F


    FAQs: 1. What is your refund policy? Once work has begun and content has started we cannot provide refunds. 2. What are the features of your PBN? No spun content Unique IP and nameservers Blocked backlinks crawlers 300-400 word posts Link appears on homepage at least 3 months Maximum homepage...
  14. J

    Need 250+ scial bookmark list for seo

    plz any has good vaild list in 2016 share with me thanks
  15. G

    How do I bookmark a thread, its really annoying.

    I really dint want to open a thread but it really pisses me of, how can I bookmark a thread I like and follow it. Like I want to get notifications if somebody posts their or atlease save those threads. So that I can view them later. :motz:
  16. innosoft

    Ultimate BookmarkR - Powerful Social Bookmarking Tool = 30+ Powerful Features

    Reviews So Far!!!!!! [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] NOTE: Introduced ONE CLICK ACCOUNT CREATOR and Ability To View and & Export Accounts (07/10/2014) We are Very Happy to Announce our 3rd Software!! Trial Version Available on Request! (Fully Functional 3 Day Trial.. Limitation: You cant...
  17. K

    *GET* BookMark list free

    After a long search yesterday on all BHW forum, downloading many bookmark lists (many of them very old), I said that it would be good for BHW users to share my live list of bookmarks. I checked all websites with Ultimate Demon. mediafire ?4uibicocl1wosk3 To get the list you will have to add...
  18. C

    WP Plugin That Will Social Bookmark New Posts

    Is there a WordPress plugin that will build socialbookmarks to each new posts I publish?
  19. M

    Auto posting product to big web20 and bookmarking sites is ok?

    Hey, I have a wordpress based site where I promote products from online shops with my affiliate links (6000+ products). I configured a plugin to auto post my products to wordpress blog, diigo, delicious, stumbleupon, tumblr, twitter. Is this good for promoting my site or is bad? What other...
  20. SEO_Alchemy

    [GET] Updated 5,000+ Live Working Bookmark List

    Update: December 01 2012. Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. Super busy with projects etc. But not too busy to hook up my BHW bredren with another freshly scraped list. I've trimmed the fat (non-working sites) off the original list. There should be an Extra 1,000 or so new bookmarks in...
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