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    I've been doing my own searches for about two weeks, so I've tried to learn on my own before asking for help.

    I'm new to scraping with scrapebox (as well as most of these things), but I'm not scared to try.

    I'm trying to find ways to scrape urls for certain segments (gardening, lawyers, roofers, et al.) and I really am not doing that great of a job since I don't really know how to put together good custom footprints. I need a guide on how to create them based on criteria I set up which will change as my results come in.

    I guess I'm asking for someone to either point me to a very detailed list of custom footprints (with detailed explanations) or just walk me through the first few on my own and I'll have to learn from there.

    Here's a couple of examples of what I'm trying to find (we'll use lawyer sites for now):

    Trying to get all urls of lawyers that have websites with ATT
    "Featured on YP.COM" Law
    "Featured on YP.COM" Attorney
    "Featured on YP.COM" Bankruptcy

    When I run this through SB (private proxies, low threads per proxy) I really don't get very many results. How can I fix this?

    Trying to get all urls of lawyers that have websites with martindale/lexisnexus that link back to MD/LN:

    I know I'm doing this wrong as I get 4 results. How can I fix this too?

    Finally, is there a way to footprint-scrape and get phone numbers?

    Thanks in advance