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    I'll keep this short and simple:

    You've got 3,000$ in investment money.

    What do you invest it in/use it for? (This isn't a "BUY LOTS OF STRIPPERS LOLZ" kind of exercise... we're talking business here)

    Note that this doesn't necessarily have to be anything IM related although such suggestions would be acceptable too naturally, This is BHW after all!

    Feel free to talk about "Long Term" or "Short Term" investments as you please, or better yet: BOTH!

    After hanging around here for quite some time now, I've successfully concluded that this site is home to some of the more brilliant minds out there. I'm very curious as to what you people will come up with!

    Who knows, maybe this thread will help some of you set a clear course of action for yourselves!

    Personally, I'd try and get as far away from the IM world as I can. I don't have too many different sources of revenue, so if one place collapses, I'm pretty screwed.

    Long term: I'd try and invest most of the money (around 2 grand) in Gas, since Oil prices are bound to go down soon, since more people are moving to Gas (especially with all those new Gas pockets being discovered in the Middle East).

    As for Short Term: I'd probably take the remaining 1 grand, and invest it in some high risk stocks that have the potential to skyrocket (Stem Cell Research, Clean Energy Solutions, etc).

    Good luck guys!
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