Create your own .edu blogs for super links

I've banged my head on a bunch of these edu WPMU sites. It seems they only allow people from that particular college to make a blog.

So how COULD you get an email address at that college?

Who normally assigns new emails? The admissions office? Anyone think of a social engineering way to bullshit your way into an email address? Could you pay a college kid to sign up and have them give you the logon info? Start an incentive type of thing "free ringtones for every WPMU blog you start at your college.?

Damit, there's gotta be a way.
They require you to be manually placed into the systems, the EDU's will not work. The only possible solution? Fork a college student some money for the details for a valid .edu email address. Also keep in mind this student must also have the email address passed by administration. They require students to write out nothing short of a novel on why they want to use the blog and how it will benefit the school.
same situation here guys i thought it was a good find but i have still not recieved confirmation emails, maybe it is that we need some kind of .edu email, if anybody has a .edu email can they try to see if it works ???
oki so i got one account runnin.. got the activation email aswell.. now im sitting in my dashboard.. the only problem is i cnt figure out how to post and stuff since i think it is locked out
but it does say 0 post 0 comments in 2 categries.. soi beliee that is my blog.. but.. they use wp.1.2.5

i dunno i cnt really figure it out yet.. but i am willing to share it with a couple of ppl.. how i did it with a gmail account, but then u have to tell me how to post n stuff if u figure it out..
inurl:wp-signup.php site:edu
 Results 1 - 10 of about 94 for inurl:wp-signup.php site:edu. (0.09 seconds)
Half of them are OK, so ~47 .edu backlinks for free is perfect ;)
most of them r okay.. but we werent just trying to get backlinks.. we are trying to set up our own blogs... and then backlinks and everythign come into play..

but i think uv missed the whole conversation in this thread
A little tip guys. Do a search for

You will get wiki sites on .edu domains, register on these and then you can create entire pages with whatever text and links you want. This way you can have textually relevant .edu pages to post links or even sales pitches on.
tried it.. its a good idea but most wikis are no follow atleast the ones i came across
I feel a little guilty about setting up a blog which will consist of my link under lots of different anchors, but hey, whatever pays the bills right? ;)
im very unhappy u shared this old method antx!
Most of the .edu blogs accept their own emails only. So to setup a blog at you should have an email like [email protected] ...but you get it only if you are any student or professor there!

Fantastic SPAM protection!!!
Thanks for this method, I'm going to give it a shot
Could you turn these .edu sites into your very own auto-blogs with great feeds and backlinks to your money sites?
im very unhappy u shared this old method antx!

and for what reason would that be i have not seen the method mentioned here before ???? , some members are enjoying the task of finding some good info on this case, so why dont you help instead of complaining.
I agree with the others, I used to search for wpmu sign up pages on .edu domains, tried most of them and they either require your student ID number (some shit that the university gives to each student) or they require a university email address.

Btw I was thinking about contacting students on Facebook and bribing them for registering a blog for you. Eg: you tell the student, that he'll have full control over the blog, but he'll have to post what you send to him, and you'll pay $5-$10/post (it's a great technique if you are an seo expert and you have your own clients who need .edu links for their whitehat sites)
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