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CPA Surveys

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Mercury_Hg, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Mercury_Hg

    Mercury_Hg Registered Member

    Aug 23, 2010
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    Let me preface this by saying I really enjoy reading this forum. It's saturated with useful information and I feel that with enough research and effort, most all of a newcomers questions can be answered. I'm perfectly fine lurking, I've had this account for 4 years and this is my first post. However I'd like to venture into the Junior VIP section which entails having some quality posts under my belt. Posts thanking an author for a method or information is against the rules, just about all the questions I have can be answered by searching, and as a newbie I really don't have the knowledge to comment on most topics or questions. So this leaves me with asking stupid questions and hopefully generating a discussion, lol.

    I've been looking at CPD networks, which monetize user downloads by having them fill out surveys. To get an idea of what this experience is like (to gauge whether the user will be interested enough to complete the survey), I've tried out some of the surveys myself. The process isn't as straighforward as I imagined, and seems to be designed to gleen user information in stages. To me this seems intentional; the surveyor would like to extract as much information from the user as possible, with the user not finishing the process so that the network doesn't have to pay the referrer. On my test network, completion of the survey did not unlock the download file... it simply led to another survey. I was testing a Sharecash url. My question is, do all networks utilize this underhanded tactic? Is there a network with a concise process that doesn't lead the user in circles? I'm not just referring to CPD, but CPA in general.

    I will continue to do more of my own research but look forward to any input you guys might have. Thanks!

    EDIT: I stand corrected, I do have some ancient posts here.
  2. pasenseoso

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    Aug 19, 2011
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    you got the point. it leads to nowhere and it's not only the network's doing but mainly to that of the advertisers. why not create your own "advertisement". sort your leads and sell it to companies. or you do the dirty work sending them emails.