CPA Polls what am I doing wrong? HELP Plz


Apr 4, 2008
Been trying to get into the CPA poll action but very little conversions. Anyone want to take a look at my setup and see if Im doing something wrong? as well as any advice is apreciated.
your site doesn't have anything that pulls visitors or readers in.

it doesn't even have any articles!

it's just a pile of polls.
too many options.

just use 1 poll, whichever is most targeted towards your traffic. make the rest of the graphics related to it.
What have in common sports, shopping, american idol?... Just make 1 a poll for each page and drive related targetted traffic for each one of them.

Also add clear call to action (buttons -> Yes - No). At the moment it does not looks like a poll site -> yes or no redirecting to the offer and above the fold

Add relevant and original content.

Match page's title and description for each offer.

An extra could be rotate some offers in order to know which one is doing better.

Hope this helps,
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You're trying to get cpa conversions? You site just goes through poll after poll. You should perhaps make the visitor get a popup or take them to page that has something like:
"You may have just won XXXX... Click to Continue"

This might make a better transition than just redirecting them.
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