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CPA + FB + Content Hijacking Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by rccnls27, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. rccnls27

    rccnls27 Junior Member

    Aug 2, 2016
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    There's been a lot of hate on my lately and have been receiving bashes from fellow BHW members on my posts.

    The reason is for a long time I have been just asking questions and not actually doing anything.
    And They are actually right!!

    I made some efforts in the past like list building and CB offers etc.. but quickly lose interests.

    So Today I'm just going to go with this method and start doing some actual work!

    Method Overview:
    Make FB accounts(I will start at 5 accounts) then Join Groups using Ninja Blaster then posts hijacked content from authority websites so people will more likely to look at them but the catch is in that posts is I have set up a very attention grabbing image pop up that will show after a given time (Details how to do this later on the journey). And once they click they will go to my offer. Well, that is the idea...

    Right now I am making 5 FB accounts - A lot of people says that I should buy it but for educational purposes I will do it on my own. I am not sure if my method is right or not and maybe I will get ban quickly but as of now I really don't mind too much as I want to just get my hands dirty and learn hard.

    NOTE: Some of you may laugh at me on how NOOB I am but please if you found errors please kindly guide me and don't bash me to harshly

    What I did today:

    I made 5 yandex email accounts for my inital 5 FB accounts
    I use this website to get ideas of name for emails because it is hard to think of names somehow
    I choose yandex because they don't need phone number to verify which is convenient.

    After that I started making fb accounts using cryogenisis method:
    (Note: he did this method for IG accounts not FB, so I am not sure if this will works but this method makes sense so I will try using it)

    Install Rooted Bluestack - download link here
    Install fb and make 1 account first
    then change IP by restarting router - I have dynamic IP thankfully
    (I checked if I have dynamic IP by going here https://whatismyipaddress.com, if you restart the router and if the ip changed in the website then you have dynamic IP)
    Open Bluestacks Tweaker and change the Device ID,GUID,Phone Model and Google Advertising ID

    I was thinking to restart my PC before creating account again because I am too OC about my accounts but then I think it's a super NOOB move

    Then make another account again

    I made five accounts after a painfully long 4 HOURS!!(because I did a lot of reseach still) Now I know why they want to just buy accounts
    (I am not sure whats gonna happen after because I don't seem to need to phone verify the accounts yet? and I don't know when will I be needing to phone verify them.)

    I will rest for now,

    I just realize how painfull to manually create accounts tomorrow I will build the profiles of my account and I will use slutty girls in my country that I follow and with some following but not super famous

    If you have notice something wrong on my steps PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enlighten me MASTERS!!!

    Last edited: Nov 7, 2016