CPA and Mturk


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Jan 7, 2010
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Here's something I was wondering, I've been noticing mt*** hits lately which look like they are disguised as a survey(way to get around mt*** not letting you charge for people filling out forms) but actually they are telling someone to do a CPA action.

First they send them to a page that the ad is on, and from there they do what they are supposed to do. And pay the person doing a hit like .20 when they make a buck or two. Seems like an interesting idea. Anyone ever try this? I know you can make it so certain geographic locations will be able to work on the hit.

I'm just curious.

There's quite a few threads here discussing this very method. Read around a bit in the money making subforum or try the search feature and you'll be good to go.
mturk is all indians though and they have low pay rates per submit.
indians whit ip rental make a email submit for 10cents lool. and 30 cents/survey.

Got some contacts, never tried it . It's fraud.
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